8 guests who laughed off their tear-jerking moments on Gandang Gabi Vice
8 guests who laughed off their tear jerking moments on Gandang Gabi Vice 1

In the past eight years, Gandang Gabi Vice has been successful in spreading sheer good vibes every Sunday night as we pine to cap off the grueling week we had or to begin another challenging hump week through relaxation and huge doses of laughter. 

However, amid the fun moments host Vice Ganda shared with his guests, there were chances when their conversations got a bit serious and sincere that ensued to shedding of tears and inducing of feels. Thus, just in time for the eighth anniversary celebration of the comedy talk show dubbed “Walopet”, let’s take a look back on the eight celebrities who cried through laughter during their stint.

Moira Dela Torre

Certainly, people of all ages know her – the “Queen of Hugot Songs” of this generation Moira Dela Torre. From making our eyes well up through her heart-tugging songs, it was her eyes that glistened as she sang her poignant rendition of the classic Filipino Christmas love song “Sana Ngayong Pasko”, which was requested by an audience member. The outpouring emotions brought by the song made it hard for her to finish her performance, telling the Unkabogable Star how that reminded her of her beloved grandma who died that year. 

McCoy De Leon

It’s totally impossible for us not to get carried away every time the topic of “family” is brought up in every conversation. Thus, McCoy De Leon, who was then promoting his primetime series The Good Son with co-star Joshua Garcia, wasn’t able to hold back his emotions when Vice conveyed how much he admired his bond with his family. 

The Hashtag member eventually broke down when the host, who’s also his friend in real life, recalled the moment when he vented to him and he advised him to simply go home every time that he would feel bewildered since he would surely receive enlightenment from his family and his parents would definitely not forsake him.

Ethel Booba

Contrary to the wacky and fierce personality she brandishes, Vice revealed that his good friend Ethel Booba is actually religious and thoughtful in real life. In her appearance on the show early last year, she didn’t only made us laugh out loud with her jokes and witty remarks but made us cry as well when she talked about her boyfriend. 

Being in a lot of controversial and heartbreaking relationships before, the comedienne is delighted to find someone like him. Thus, as what she divulged, it truly breaks her heart every time people close to her tag her “kabit” or “mistress” even though her boyfriend’s former marriage is already considered null and void.


As Memeh Vice expressed how much he loves him and his willingness to bequeath the spotlight on him, who serves as a regular jester on GGV, his “anak-anakan” and talented sidekick Negi wasn’t able to hold back her emotions as he conveyed his overwhelming gratitude and admiration to him. 

With the huge opportunity bestowed to him, Negi was lost for words to describe how blessed he is to be working with the Phenomenal Box Office Star and to now live a more comfortable life because of this gig.

Sharon Cuneta

As the photo of her former flame Gabby Concepcion flashed as she took on the “Tanong Mo, Mukha Mo” segment, the Megastar got emotional as she talked about their past relationship and how their breakup negatively affected their lovechild KC Concepcion. She felt remorse for her failure to give her the perfect childhood and complete family she used to enjoy and how it disheartened her to see the young KC build a wall after their split. Till now, she still wishes that she was able to give it to her because she truly deserves to be happy.

Angelica Panganiban

It had been more than a decade since the last time we saw them together on-screen. Thus, those who supported their team-up as teen stars were very much titillated to see them back together, at least on television and film.

It was supposed to be a fun night since Angelica Panganiban is as comical as Vice and it was Carlo Aquino’s debut on the show. Things went heavy as the host asked them to tell each other face-to-face at least one thing they apologized and wished for to each other and the one question they’d been longing to ask one another.

They were already emotional on the “sorry” part, but they finally broke down when Angelica uttered her tear-jerking “sana” that arguably made us all cry as we found ourselves relate on how she felt on that moment – “Sana [kapag] nahanap mo na ‘yong para sa’yo, sana ganito pa din tayo.” She went to explain how she would miss him and the things that they do together once he get into a relationship.

Ogie Alcasid

Usually, it’s the parents who provide their children counselling. But in this episode, Vice gave Janno Gibbs and Ogie Alcasid’s daughters the chance to give their dads a piece of advice that they’d been longing to tell them. 

When it was Leila’s turn, Ogie got misty-eyed upon hearing her speak out about how his dad tend to doubt himself because of the bashing he receives despite being able to entertain a lot of people through his music and humor.

Nanay Rosario Viceral

Tears surely streamed down our faces and our heartstrings were tugged as Vice delivered his heart-wrenching question to his younger self as he took on the “Tanong Mo, Mukha Mo” during GGV’s seventh year anniversary celebration last year.

From making us laugh, the gregarious host brought everyone to tears, including his Nanay Rosario and some members of their family, as he reminisced the simple yet happy childhood he had and talked about not wanting to lose “Tutoy” in him since it’s their mother’s love and source of joy. After all, it’s Nanay Rosario’s happiness that matters to him the most, above the fame, fortune, and romance he savor at present.

These appearances might have pierced our hearts and got us emotional as well, but Vice didn’t let these episodes not to end in a good and jovial note by injecting a punchline or bantering with the guests. 

Happy Walopet years, Gandang Gabi Vice!