Vice Ganda’s Unkabogable Secrets Revealed

We have come to know and love him as the Unkabogable Vice Ganda who first captivated our hearts on It’s Showtime. He has since singlehandedly dominated the industry, earning the coveted title of Phenomenal Box-Office Star. He ceaselessly fascinates us with his seemingly endless well of talents. From a stand-up comedian, TV host, and actor, Vice also reigns supreme as a recording and concert artist, and now has “bestselling author” title under his belt. He simply never fails to add laughter and good vibes to our homes with his crazy antics, sharp wit, and hilarious humor. But, behind the camera, the larger-than-life celebrity we all know is way funnier and even more generous and loving.

And so, on his 41st birthday, let us get to know The Unkabogable Star like never before. Here are 7 things you never knew about Vice Ganda as revealed by his friends on Gandang Gabi Vice.

1. Piolo Pascual introduces Vice Ganda’s college crush:
Piolo caught Vice off guard when he announced that he knew his secret back in college. The Ultimate Heartthrob went on to give an account of how the GGV host had a crush, but he kept his feelings to himself because they were close friends. The biggest shocker came when Piolo called Vice’s longtime crush to the stage who turned out to be Reuben Manahan, a former That’s Entertainment artist.

2. Bea Alonzo shares The Unkabogable Star’s unique brand of hospitality:
Bea and Vice recently became close friends and the star of “A Love to Last” disclosed that she was blown-away when she first visited the comedian’s house for a movie night. She recounted how Vice treated her lavishly by preparing steak when all she was expecting was the usual pizza while watching a movie. The Unkabogable Star supposedly went all-out in hospitality and even served wine in liquor carts.

3. Iza Calzado and Bea Alonzo goads Vice into revealing more information about his lovelife:
In an effort to get Bea to divulge the state of her heart, Vice decided to share something about himself first. He admitted that he is in love right now although he is not in a relationship. The two “A Love to Last” actresses quickly grabbed the opportunity and proceeded to grill the GGV host about his love life. Iza then ended up playing the host, while Bea and Vice agreed to each reveal details about their “relationship status.” But, when asked about the initials of the person he is in love with, the Unkabogable Star emotionally declared that “he is gone.”

4. Jhong Hilario gives pointers on how to tell when Vice is hiding something: 
It’s dangerous to put your closest friends on the spot, especially when they know everything about you. Vice learned this lesson the hard way when he put both Jhong Hilario and Vhong Navarro on the hot seat. After he asked them who had more celebrity girlfriends, Jhong and Vhong turned the tables on Vice and started interrogating him on his “star player” boyfriends. The GGV host’s peculiar reaction prompted Jhong to point out to everyone how they can tell when something true is revealed about Vice just by observing his reaction.

5. Ogie Diaz spills the beans on how the Phenomenal Box-Office Star used to run to him crying:
Vice called up Liza Soberano’s manager, Ogie Diaz, and joked that the young actress is already in a relationship with her leading man, Enrique Gil. Ogie insisted that he trusts Liza fully since she is a very responsible young lady and he also knows that Enrique is loyal and cares a lot about Liza. He also clarified that he is just her manager who guides her in making the best decisions. Vice then asked why Ogie was so much stricter with him when he was still the Unkabogable Star’s manager. Ogie countered that it was Vice who would often go against his advice and would then end up running to him crying.

6. Daniel Padilla calls out Vice Ganda’s college buddies and the girl he once courted:
On his GGV birthday special, Vice was shocked when his two college “barkadas” were called out to the stage by Daniel Padilla. Syric Pagsanhan and Paolo Ponciano shared that, back when Vice was still a guy, the three of them were like the 90’s popular group “Gwapings.” They then disclosed a shocking trivia about Vice: he once courted a girl and even asked Paolo to give her a rose on his behalf. But the Unkabogable Star was treated to an even bigger surprise when the girl he courted was called to the stage. Now a lawyer, Atty. Michelle Dueñas revealed Vice’s strategy when it came to courting.

7. Coco, may ni-reveal tungkol sa love life ni Vice
When two celebrity friends start teasing each other by dropping bombshells about one another, then you know the fans have hit jackpot. This is exactly what happened when Coco Martin guested on GGV. Lucky fans were able to get a peek into the love life of the famous comedian after the “Ang Probinsyano” lead star ribbed Vice about how he supposedly sponsored a christening party for an ex’s child. Coco then disclosed that Vice used to go for the Pinoy look, but now prefers chinito guys. Coco even dropped a hint that from a “tamaraw,” The Unkabogable Star now has his eyes on a “tiger.”