7 Unkabogable “paandars” on Gandang Gabi Vice that make us all LOL

For seven years, formidable comedian Vice Ganda has been relentlessly making our tummies ache because of laughing out loud to his hilarious utterances and antics every Sunday night via Gandang Gabi Vice.

Through his funny and unusual way of interviewing, we not only get to know our favorite celebrities, but their wacky sides and even their most kept secrets are also unraveled. No wonder it is hailed as "The Trending Capital of the Philippines".

Apart from that, the undisputed talk show has initiated various “paandars” or gimmicks that truly became the talk of the town and gave birth to the permeating current fads. Here are some of them:

Gigil in Tandem

Last year, Vice got us cackling our hearts out with his ardent opinions on daily life situations. And finally, he met his match through Carlo Mendoza, the zealous boy who became popular after a video featuring him fervently defending children's rights and her older sister got viral online.

Thus, they came up with the idea of uniting them in the newest segment "Gigil in Tandem", wherein they give unsolicited opinions to random topics.

Dubbing ala Vice

Even before the parodical dubbing of popular programs spread in social media, the multi-awarded versatile performer is arguably the precursor of this trend.

Here's his amusing interpretation to the climactic confrontation of Ivy (Maja Salvador) and Natalie (Roxanne Barcelona) of the revenge series Wildflower.

The spoofs

One of the most remarkable segments of GGV was the host's spoofs of some of the top-rating Kapamilya teleseryes, which were done by editing him on a scene, replacing one of the actresses, and act as if he's really included in the narrative.

Look how his showdown with Angel Locsin in The Legal Wife made the viewers go wild.

The impromptu song composition

The Unkabogable Superstar proves that he really is matchless because aside from being a brilliant host, phenomenal actor, and exceptional performer, he also has a knack in on-the-spot songwriting!

Watch his jamming session with hugot royalties Kaye Cal and Moira Dela Torre that will truly break your heart.

The melodious acting

Aside from providing good vibes both to the audiences and the guests, the weekly talk show also turned out to be a stepping stone for up-and-coming artists to reach booming popularity.

Just like Tawag ng Tanghalan boys Francis Concepcion, Mackie Empuerto, and Kiefer Sanchez who, prior to stunning the British through their Little Big Shots United Kingdom stint, wowed us with their magnificent take on Beyonce's "Listen".

Celebrity pranks

Of course, Vice would not let him be the only one to deliver laughter to the viewers as the celebrity guests are also engaged in pranks that left us rolling on the floor.

The birthday pasabog prods

Ever since the award-winning show began, it has been a tradition that Vice would showcase spectacular production numbers to celebrate his birthday annually.

This was last year, wowing us with his cosmic transformation and performance of Demi Lovato's "Confident" for his #YOLOgy.

Looking forward to more years of laughter, good vibes, and talent, Gandang Gabi Vice!