PAANDAR 2017: Best of ‘Gigil in Tandem’

2017 was truly a lucky year for many people. One kid became the luckiest because he became a viral star on social media. Without a doubt, one of the most prominent breakout stars this year is “Gigil Kid” Carlo Mendoza. This cute and adorable 6-year old landed himself a segment with Vice Ganda entitled “Gigil in Tandem” in Gandang Gabi Vice. The two discuss and rant on just about anything under the sun, much to the amusement of the viewers. Before the year ends, as part of Paandar 2017, let’s take a look at some of the segment’s best and funniest moments.



Carlo made such a huge impression on Vice Ganda on his first guesting that it landed him a regular segment on the show. Carlo managed to touch on the comedian’s heartstrings and flattered the host as well that it actually made him cry. It was truly a very heartwarming moment between the two.


The two kept the segment playful and light. Carlo couldn’t help but poke fun at Vice’s blonde hair, much to the enjoyment of the studio audience and the viewers.

They also decided to rant about something we can  all relate to, fake news. They shared how annoying it is that fake news spread and confuse everyone about what’s true or not.



The pair also released their angst towards opportunistic individuals, from people who always stay out late to heartbreakers. The two spared no effort in releasing all the pent-up stress they received from toxic people.


This segment isn’t all about angst. In this heartwarming moment, Vice agreed to give Carlo’s sister and playmates bikes so they could all play happily.


In this episode dedicated to Halloween, the duo couldn’t help but try and give each others a fright in celebration for the holiday. In this particular segment, Vice tried to teach Carlo “Trick or Treating” while sharing his own gripes about this Halloween tradition.


It seems that even kids are not immune to the glamour and beauty of Miss Universe Philippines, Rachel Peters. When Rachel visited the show, Carlo was overjoyed and quick to shower praises to the beauty queen.


In this episode, the tandem were quick to shed light on opportunistic relatives. When Christmas is near, aunts and uncles usually fork over cash to their nieces and nephews, some cash they can spend for the holidays. This is also when their parents suddenly come in to get the money for safekeeping.


Vice and Carlo talked about Christmas and family in this episode, particularly at how annoying family members can get when you see them in gatherings and the presents they choose to give you.

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