7 Guests who laughed through the tears on Gandang Gabi Vice


Gandang Gabi Vice for the past seven years has been giving all of us a chance to have fun and relax after an exhausting week. It’s also the much-deserved boost of optimism that we need to start the next. But in between the side splitting laughter, there have also been moments of candor where guests couldn’t help but shed tears.


McCoy de Leon’s time with his family

Ever since he brought to life Obet from The Good Son, McCoy has shot to fame. But this came at the expense of time with his family. To make up for it, the Hashtag member would bond with his mother every weekend. But McCoy still got choked up because of how thankful he felt for the support.



Moira dela Torre’s emotional Christmas

It’s no surprise why Moira dela Torre is our favorite source of hugot songs. “Malaya” has become the soundtrack of every broken heart, while “Titibo-Tibo” is for those who remain hopeful. But even Moira needs comforting sometimes. She dedicated “Sana Ngayong Pasko” to an audience member in GGV last Christmas, but the lyrics also reminded her of the fact that this was the first Christmas without her grandmother.



Negi’s genuine gratitude

Ngayon pa lang, binibigay ko na sa’yo ang spotlight kasi gusto ko hangga’t nandito ako, makita kong umaalagwa ka,” said the Unkabogable Star to the Unkaboggable sidekick which is why Negi couldn’t stop the tears from falling. The comedian talked about how thankful he was because he is one of many who was given a chance to work with the Phenomenal Superstar. This was definitely the opportunity of a lifetime that changed Negi’s world.



Ethel Booba’s answered prayer

Many see Ethel for being funny and fierce, but little do fans know that she also has a soft side. She talked about how truly hurt she feels whenever some of her friends would bully her for her failed relationship. Luckily, Ethel feels that she finally found the one, “pinapanalangin ko na, minsan lang ‘to, so tuwang-tuwa ako”.



Angeline Quinto’s love life

The singer-actress has been known for her songs about love like “Kunin Mo Na Ang Lahat Sa Akin” and “Kahit Konting Pagtingin”. But this time around it was her that got struck by Cupid’s famous bow and arrow. When asked about the status of her heart, Angeline immediately burst her emotional dam. Although, she stayed mum about why she was crying, Vice Ganda was more than willing to cheer her up.



Gretchen Ho’s promise of forever

Just imagining life without Robi Domingo already made Gretchen teary-eyed. In the interview, she talked about how losing her partner would mean losing a part of herself too. Unfortunately, this became their reality last year when the couple announced their split. Their love was so sincere, we can’t imagine how heartbreaking it was for them. Fortunately, there is still hope because Robi confidently said he was willing to wait for her, “alam kong matindi yung mawawala sa akin ‘pag nawala si Gretch”.



Toni and Alex Gonzaga got each other’s back

The sisters were having a laugh when they shared one of their emotional moments, but besides the smiles were teary eyes. “Ate pwede ‘wag mo na ko papagalitan, yakapin mo na lang ako,” the younger Gonzaga requested. When Alex needed her ate the most, Toni was there to share the pain with her. This moment only shows how strong their bond is, “Sisters by blood, best friends by choice,” said Toni.