REVIEW: The value of “Game Ng Bayan” we should all cherish (Part 2)

“Nagkaisa tayo!”
What’s noteworthy about this game show is the message it succeeds in conveying. As what the barangay champion from Barangay Kaunlaran Village in Navotas City, who won the P50,000 jackpot, said: “Maraming salamat sa aking mga ka-barangay! Nagkaisa tayo!”

It also helped that the show’s main hosts, “Idol ng Bayan” Robin Padilla and “’Tol ng Bayan” Alex Gonzaga were that supportive of not only the contestants but the entire crowd of ka-barangays with their lively, engaging, and charismatic presence. They are certainly a perfect match for the format and concept, which is really superbly masa-based.

Robin is a natural in delighting a live audience with his incredible persona, while Alex is so gregarious, witty, spirited and animated that she enlivens a crowd in an instant.

However, it is hoped that the rest of the “Tropa ng Bayan,” consisting of the talented Eric Nicolas, MJ Lastimosa, and Negi, get more exposure and the chance to show their wares in the program by having more talk time and actual activity in the program aside from just introducing the contestants.

Promising appeal
But the appeal of the entire show is surely promising. We can all witness how the entire crowd celebrates while their neighbor wins, unlike in other game shows when it seemed the euphoria only settled with the winning contestant. In “Game ng Bayan,” not only the barangay champion, but also the entire community was the winner, with token cash prizes to each ka-barangay and donations to the community, depending on its urgent need, being doled out.

With a masterful creative team led by Direk Arnel Natividad and creative manager Direk Willy Cuevas, who were behind successful ABS-CBN noontime shows and game shows in the past, “Game ng Bayan” will definitely push the boundaries in bringing fortune to more people, all in the spirit of unity and cooperation we all long for in this country.

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