Tamang ayuda dapat ibigay sa mga ka-barangay, giit ni Smugglaz at Bassilyo sa Promdibate

It won’t be long before we see them on FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano once more as the top-rating action-drama is set for a monumental return on Monday, June 15, on the Kapamilya channel after TV Patrol. But while we wait for their comeback on primetime cable TV, four cast members, hosts Kim Molina and Jerald Napoles with rap masters Smugglaz and Bassilyo continue to entertain us with this riveting rap battle show “Promdibate” on Online Kapamilya Shows (OKS).

In the program’s fourth episode, Smugglaz and Bassilyo took turns in bringing out their rap verses in calling out erring barangay officials, who continue to deprive constituents of mandated financial help from the government in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. They would break down all these offenses, including some barangay captains who favor family, relatives, and political supporters as their priority recipients of aid.

However, both rappers likewise commended those who truly have their constituents at heart in shelling out financial assistance, with others even coming from their own pockets to show their concern. They would use their budget properly and assure that each member of the barangay, rich or poor, employed or jobless will get the same amount of help. These are the public officials, they said, that should be emulated by all.

KimJe would further remind everyone to remain cooperative with the rules within their own barangays, obey their community leaders, and follow proper hygiene and protective measures in combating COVID-19. If these leaders turn out to be violators themselves, they said, residents should report them to proper authorities.

Catch more of Smugglaz and Bassilyo’s witty and insightful rap exchanges and KimJe’s giddy and lively banters in this episode of “Promdibate.