Smugglaz, Bassilyo in rap tussle over marital relationships during ECQ on Promdibate

It has been almost three months since the whole country is placed in various levels of community quarantine, which compelled almost everyone of us to stay at home. The current situation has undoubtedly challenged us in every aspect – from how we solve our everyday woes on what food to eat to how we overcome the stress of working from home, needing to go to the office, or having no work at all.

However, aside from these daily distresses, there are also some of us who have either encountered problems or strengthened their bond with their partners as they have been with them round-the-clock. And that’s what the astounding friendly rivalry of rappers Smugglaz and Bassilyo tackled in the third episode of “Promdibate,” which is facilitated by the funny and adorable tandem of Kim Molina and Jerald Napoles.

In this episode, they argued whether the ties of spouses living together have strengthened or loosened now that they are stuck in each other’s side almost 24/7. Smugglaz was given the ‘titibay’ side, while Bassilyo was in the ‘hindi titibay’ side. 

As per the latter, being with our partners almost all the time would only threaten our relationships with them as we get to discover more about their personality and antics, which could lead to misunderstandings or quarrels once our indifferences weren’t able to get settled.

Meanwhile, the former debated that this quarantine is actually a good thing for some because being able to spend more time with your special someone could definitely tighten our bonds with them as it enables us to get to know them better.

Living together under one roof during this quarantine, Kim and Jerald, who fondly call themselves KimJe, expressed how they could relate with the exchanges of the two rap battlers. The four FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano cast members concluded this episode of “Promdibate” by conveying their words of encouragement to everyone and by reiterating not to get lenient now that Metro Manila is in General Community Quarantine, but be more cautious instead, as well as to always keep in mind the safety precautions advised by the health department.