Kapamilya Toplist: 13 action-packed rescue missions of Cardo that kept us on the edge of our seats

Being morally upright and courageous as he is, Cardo Dalisay (Coco Martin) has always been in pursuit of bringing justice and peace to whoever it is due – either by letting authorities deal with those corrupt deeds and crooked people or by taking matters in his own hands.

And most of the time, it’s the latter that prevails. From being a police officer, he went on to become the state’s number one enemy along with his friends in Task Force Agila. His life and the safety of his family may have been put on the line a number of times already, but there’s still no stopping our beloved bida from fighting for what he knows is right and just.

As Cardo once again plunges himself to danger as he and Task Force Agila aim to save his father-in-law Teddy (Joel Torre) and Diana (Angel Aquino) from the hands of their enemies – despite not being completely well yet – let’s take a look back on some of his action-packed and risky rescue missions through the years in this Kapamilya Toplist!

In and out of service, he has been so extremely dedicated in taking on the role of a mighty and fearless hero to those who are in need and his loved ones by doing everything that he could and exerting all his best – without any tinge of hesitation. Who would forget that instance when he transformed into a gay escort named Paloma to save his late twin brother’s wife Carmen (Bela Padilla) and those moments when he did a lot of death-defying and breath-taking stunts just to successfully fulfill his missions?

With how he’s able to survive from the perilous situations he had to go through, there’s definitely no wonder why Cardo is jestingly dubbed ‘immortal’ by avid viewers of the long-running and highly successful primetime action drama.

Will he be able to succeed in his latest mission? Let’s all find out by not missing an episode of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, weeknights after TV Patrol on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z!