Scenes Jacobs mad villainy in Ang Probinsyano

With a myriad of bad guys who tried to topple down Cardo (Coco Martin) and the Task Force Agila, Marc Abaya playing Jacob Serrano would sure leave an impact on the viewers because of how he created his own brand of villainy – a drug lord’s protégé with psychopathic tendencies, magnificently evil stare and deadly temper. Check out this Kapamilya Toplist that collates Jacob’s terror and ‘gigil’ scenes in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Jacob is no mere baddie. Push the wrong buttons and all hell breaks loose, even his friends become victims of his horrible temper. It wasn’t a surprise then when one of his most trusted buddies, Lance (KC Montero), wasn’t able to put up with him, opening the doors to betrayal and bad luck.

He then found a new ally in his syndicate business, Renato (John Arcilla) or his Tito Ren, a big-time drug lord and an expert political manipulator. Together, they work on a single mission to become the most powerful mafia leaders in the world by destroying anyone who tries to get in their way especially Cardo and the Task Force Agila. 

Just a mere mention of Cardo’s name can send Jacob into a splenetic exasperation and viewers are very much affected by the annoying blend of his big mouth and sinister looks. He vowed to end Cardo a thousand times already but each attempt would fail because of his impulsive behavior. Renato would always remind him not to rush but for someone eager to kill, the portals to hell are always open and he can introduce anyone to the devil anytime he wishes to.

It is always a nightmare to connive with Jacob as he doesn’t think twice about murdering even his allies. We saw him got extremely ‘gigil’ over Bungo (Baron Geisler), the equally sinister drug lord-wannabe, who once joined forces with their group. He told Bungo to know his position in the group. Both villains did not back down, leading to a rumble initiated by Jacob. While Bungo proved himself to be the better fighter, his fate evinced that the wise wins over the physically strong in the underworld.

Jacob also showed his deadly side to Juan (Romnick Sarmenta), who tried to double-cross him and Renato. He was able to fulfil his long-time wish to kill the cunning man.

En route to power and victory, Jacob and Renato partnered with Lito (Richard Gutierrez)’s group. Jacob smelled trouble the moment he met Lito and his squad and the cold blood often led him to a display of disturbing behavior towards their business partners. In a scene, Jacob showed horrible violence when he attacked the other camp, thanks to his paranoia.

And when they lost a whopping 10 billion pesos because of Lito’s failed transaction, Jacob was dying to burn Lito down the flames of hell. But he had to spare the man upon learning Cardo’s whereabouts from him.

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