Relevant and relatable, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano shows concern for Filipinos
A primetime drama, no matter how stellar its cast or how emphatic or glossy its production value may be, it means nothing if it doesn’t relate to the audience, much less become relevant to their everyday lives.

This is an area wherein FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano really tugs the hearts and draw the attention of most viewers around the country. While it does give its audience that incredible thrill with its well-executed action scenes, feel at home with its family values, startle in awe with near-cinematic visuals, adore their lovable characters, laugh themselves silly over some witty predicaments, and just marvel at the constellation of stars who portray those riveting roles, the most gripping factor in the show is its effective and helpful way in tackling the nation’s most discussed issues and topics that affect all Filipinos.

Inspired and motivated

And it is made in such a way that is not lecturing or moralizing but rather dramatize it through identifiable scenarios in a Filipino’s daily grind, which would make viewers just nod in agreement and consequently inspired and motivated.

While it may be amusing to witness how those party drugs affected Cardo (Coco Martin), it is so relatable to most of us who are curious about those illegal substances that took lives of mere concertgoers at a recent music festival. And how Cardo deals with narco-politics, with government officials and police officers themselves involved in the illegal trade, and how crime syndicates roam around the city freely with their illicit activities, such as prostitution, human trafficking, and enlisting seasoned ex-policemen such as Hector (Cesar Montano) to carry out assassinations of prominent individuals.

Ligtas Tips

What’s most scintillating is how the roles are characterized in a way viewers very much identify and encounter. It has become a true mirror of what happens on the streets, inside government offices, or in police stations, where evil lurks and threaten our safety. Here, the show even goes beyond those epic dramatizations and also communicate their message directly through pointers and reminders in its Ligtas Tips.

This segment is sensationally effective in emphasizing the dangers and threats we face in the real world, and how we should respond and act to ensure our safety.

More than just being relevant, the show expresses its genuine concern for the safety of citizens—and that truly displays how an action teleserye can take the righteous path and really reach out to viewers, and not merely entertaining them.

But most of all, it brings back confidence in the police force, even if the show exposes heinous acts from within the organization’s core, a fact recognized by the current Philippine National Police (PNP) Director-General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa, a confessed avid viewer of the show. This is because FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano presents the real story of honest cops who are dutifully and morally committed to ensure peace and order and fight criminality.