15 dreadful moments that made us hate Joaquin so much on “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano”

Arjo Atayde is considered the biggest revelation through the course of the top-rating series FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

While he truly enraged and infuriated a whole nation with his riveting portrayal of Joaquin Tuazon, Arjo just proved how much of a gem he is in the acting craft. Aside from the glittering lead character Ricardo “Cardo” Dalisay played by Coco Martin, only one other name stuck in the minds of millions watching the show—that is, Joaquin, and that speaks a lot about Arjo’s impressive performance on the show for nearly two years.

Here are 15 of the most ghastly scenes wherein we dreaded this vile character with his villainous, detestable ways.

1. Cardo sees Joaquin’s actions as dubious

Cardo is starting to get suspicious about Joaquin’s involvement with Diego Sahagun (Ping Medina) as they were both in the drug syndicate’s hideout when an encounter took place.

2. Joaquin slaps Carmen

Joaquin gets enraged when he catches Carmen (Bela Padilla) asking Cardo over the phone regarding developments about their investigation on the loss of Junior, her son with Ador.

3. Joaquin blames Cardo for altercation with Billy

Following Carmen’s death, her older brother Police S/Insp. Billy Guzman (John Medina) confronted Joaquin as a witness on the crime pointed the latter’s father Tomas as the suspect.

4. Joaquin frames up Cardo

Joaquin and his unit frame up Cardo by bringing him to the supposed hideout of a bigtime drug syndicate and planting evidences against him, turning him into a drug suspect. This of course shocked his colleagues as he is known as a morally upright policeman.

5. Joaquin “visits” Cardo in jail

Following Cardo’s arrest, Joaquin “visits” him in jail. But Cardo knows Joaquin is behind his incarceration and wants him to pay for it.

6. Joaquin tortures Benny

Being Cardo’s ever reliable and funny sidekick, Benny (Pepe Herrera) was always lovable and endearing to viewers. Thus, Joaquin torturing Benny to divulge information regarding Cardo’s whereabouts was an abhorring sight to see.

7. Joaquin warns Greg about Cardo

Joaquin advises Greg (Rino Marco) to take caution of what Cardo can do after he killed Benny.

8. Alyana catches Joaquin tailing her

Alyana (Yassi Pressman) realized that Joaquin was following her and courageously confronted him in public, telling that she already knows he behind the threats against her. He backs off and assures her that they will “see each other” again soon.

9. Joaquin guns down Dino

It seemed Joaquin’s cruelty was never more detailed when he even killed his loyal ally Dino (Marc Acueza) after he declined to join the former in his meeting with Romano “Chairman” Recio (Ronnie Lazaro).

10. “Criminal” Cardo faces Joaquin in a gunfight

Cardo and Joaquin face each other again in a gun battle wherein both vow to end it all, with only one of them surviving.

11. Joaquin uses Gener to hunt down Cardo

Cardo finds a new ally in Gener (Jeric Raval), one of Romano’s (Ronnie Lazaro) former henchmen, when he decided to quit the drug syndicate and live a new life. But he was also the key in allowing Joaquin and his henchmen to know Cardo’s location.

12. Joaquin shoots innocent child Paquito

Paquito (James Sagarino), the amiable child Cardo’s family met in an island sojourn, gets accidentally shot by Joaquin as he and his henchmen flee a gun battle with Cardo’s troops. This caused the poor child to hover between life and death.

13. Joaquin goes livid as Cardo survives

Joaquin was beside himself with rage after learning from Monica Montenegro (Desiree del Valle), a reporter and his cohort, that Cardo and his friends were still alive after a gunbattle with his troops.

14. Joaquin uses a child in trying to kill Cardo

Joaquin deliberately used a child he abducted in order to lure Cardo to a fatal trap. Cardo tried to save the child from bomb blasts Joaquin triggered only to fall in a position ready for our villain’s bullet.

15. Joaquin kidnaps Alyana

After the much-awaited wedding of Cardo and Alyana, the festive celebration turned tragic as Joaquin unexpectedly crashed in and abducted the bride. Can Cardo save her beloved wife?

Joaquin surely had made viewers fuming since Day 1 of the series but this character is one big reason why viewers stay glued and at the edge of their seats each night. Watch for his climactic duel with Cardo in the upcoming episodes of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano weeknights after TV Patrol.