10  Ladies who tried to capture Cardo's heart in FPJ's Ang Probinsyano

Last week, September 28, “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” celebrated its second year on television, proving that Coco Martin is indeed the undisputed King of Primetime. In the show, his character, Cardo, had a lot of encounters with other people. He faced off numerous villains and he also had a number of leading ladies. In today’s Kapamilya Rewind, as part of its two-year anniversary celebration, let us list down all the ladies who tried to capture Cardo’s heart in the top-rating primetime action-drama series.
1. Glen (Maja Salvador)

SPO1 Glenda “Glen” Corpuz was the loving daughter of Nanding (Joey Marquez) and Lolit (Malou de Guzman). She was a police officer and a close friend of Cardo who was secretly in love with him. She bid her farewell when she headed back to her hometown in Botolan, Zambales to take care of her ailing mother. 
2. Carmen (Bela Padilla)

Carmen Guzman-de Leon was the devoted wife of Ador (Coco Martin), Cardo’s deceased twin brother, and the mother of Junior (Lei Andrei Navarro). When her husband passed away, she met Cardo and she became close to him as well. She eventually got married to Joaquin (Arjo Atayde) but was killed by his father Tomas (Albert Martinez) when she discovered his family's criminal activities.
3. Trina (Anne Curtis)

Katrina "Trina" Noble Trinidad was a renowned fashion designer and the stepdaughter of Michael (Christopher de Leon). Cardo was hired as her bodyguard and he accompanied her wherever she went. He successfully saved her from the hands of the rebels and in order to protect her, he let her stay in their house. Even though they had clashing personalities at first, they eventually became friends. They even pretended to be a couple when they got trapped in the middle of a secluded forest and found a small community of farmers.
4. Erica (Ritz Azul)
Erica Nobleza was the female leader of solvent boys including Jepoy (Yogo Singh). Later on, she was saved by Cardo after getting almost raped by Police Senior Inspector Raul Toribio (Jess Lapid Jr.), the man who raped and killed her sister Cristina (Inah Estrada).
5. Marta (Angelica Panganiban)
Marta Maglipon was a woman involved in illegal drug trading in other countries and the cause of the arrest of her friend Analynne (Nikki Valdez). Cardo even followed Marta in Hong Kong to chase her. Her life was in great danger after she left the drug trade syndicate she once worked for and revealed the operation of the group to the authorities. Cardo tried to save her but she was shot dead by Mr. Cheng Lao (Mon Confiado).
6. Marie (Meg Imperial)

Maribel "Marie" Alegre was a college student who worked part-time as a sexy club dancer to fund her education. Cardo came to her rescue when a group of men tried to harass her inside the club where she was working. She became the love interest of Benny (Pepe Herrera) but her eyes were set on Cardo. She also helped him solve his case involving Hector (Cesar Montano).
7. Isabel (Sam Pinto)

Isabel was a beautiful dancer and showgirl who used her graceful moves and seductive looks to get what she wanted. She captured the attention of Cardo and tried to seduce her several times. However, Romano "Chairman" Recio (Ronnie Lazaro), the leader of a powerful mafia group, had already claimed ownership of her and made her the queen of the gang. She was shot and killed by Romano even though she tried to ask for another chance with him.

8. Amanda (Vickie Rushton)

Amanda was a simple woman who was saved by Cardo from the two men who tried to harass her. She eventually became closer to him and they even spent time together at an amusement park. Even though she knew that Cardo was already married and had a family, she couldn’t help herself and she still fell in love with him. When she expressed her feelings for him, he decided that they should stay away from each other for good.

9. Katrina (Louise delos Reyes)

PO3 Katrina "Katrina" Velasco was a member of the Special Action Force of the Philippine National Police. She worked alongside SPO2 Bernardo "Bernie" Quinto (Ron Morales), PO3 Christian "Chris" Clemente (Dominic Roque), and SPO2 Geraldo "Gerry" dela Paz (Ejay Falcon). She openly expressed her admiration for Cardo because of his bravery and heroism. She and her colleagues were tortured by Alakdan (Jhong Hilario), forcing them to confess about Cardo’s real identity but they remained tight-lipped.

10. Lena (Yam Concepcion)

Magdalena "Lena" Dumagit is a member of the rebel group, Pulang Araw. She is the obedient daughter of Romulo “Leon” Dumagit (Lito Lapid) and the loving mother of Emman (Emmanuel Matteo Gabriel Plan). She is also the love interest of Anton (Mark Lapid) but she has already set her heart on someone else. Recently, she admitted to Fernan/Cardo that she was already starting to develop feelings for him.

11. Alyana (Yassi Pressman)

Alyana Arevalo is the daughter of Ted (Joel Torre) and Virgie (Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino). She was a hardworking field reporter of the Manila Television Network and she worked with Pinggoy (Benj Manalo) as they covered police reports. She first met Cardo when she tried to interview him at the hospital after a bombing incident. Eventually, they got to each other even more and after spending a lot of time together, they officially became a couple. She married Cardo and they had a child named Baby Ricky (Al Vaughn Chier Tuliao). However, their first born died in a bombing incident.
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