LOVE YOURSELF: Makmak Is Proud of His True Self

After the heart-to-heart talks with his Lola Flora (Susan Roces) and his Kuya Cardo (Coco Martin), Makmak (McNeal “Awra” Briguela) became more open and more proud of his true self in the recent episodes of “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano”. Unlike before, he is no longer hiding anything, especially after being assured by his family and loved ones that they will love and accept him for who he truly is.

After constantly being teased and bullied by some of his classmates, Makmak shows off his unique and extraordinary skills to make them stop. He is no longer afraid to show his true self to his classmates.

Makmak tells his family that he prefers volleyball over basketball, and that he will be Onyok’s cheerleader and number one supporter. He can now act as his true self in front of Lola Flora and his parents.

After a small fight, Onyok gives Makmak a simple peace offering. Makmak accepts it and assures Onyok that he will always be there as Onyok’s “ate”. Now, he can openly say what he wants and his own expressions in front of his family without fear of judgment. Bongga!

In his special way, Makmak serves as an inspiration to young children to truly love one’s self. He encourages them to be proud of their true selves and to never be afraid of what others will think or say about them.

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