Coco's "death" in "FPJ's Ang Probinsyano" stirs up strong reactions from netizens

The dream sequence showing the death of Cardo (Coco Martin) in “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” quickly turned into a huge social media craze last Monday (July 9) as avid fans of the show shared online their reactions to the gripping episode through memes, tweets, and even funny video reactions.

Facebook user Kathleen Casil Maceda’s video post, which shows her family laughing and shouting after learning Cardo’s death was just a dream, has already garnered almost a million views. Another Facebook user Nestor Cordero’s video of a kid crying while watching the episode has also hit more than half a million views.

Netizens also played up Cardo’s ability to skip death countless of times, as memes of him with captions “Sa panaginip niyo lang ako mapapatay” and “Prutas na hindi namamatay --- Avocardo” made rounds online.

Praises also poured in for the show on Twitter, with words “Cardo” and “Ang Probinsyano” topping the list of trending topics.

Twitter user @Yassified_28 said, “Each scene is Hollywood-worthy. This is the only show with a decent storyline! From musical scoring to every single detail, the best!”

“You’re playing with our emotions that makes us hooked on to the show! Thank you because you are not predictable. You keep us on our feet always,” @itsbubblymaria tweeted.

“OMG! I thought this episode would leave me hanging. Thank you Dreamscape, you always go beyond my expectations,” said @AnneDeTorres.

Viewers both mourned and rejoiced last Monday as they saw the death of Cardo in the hands of Marco (JC Santos) as he attempted to keep Alyana (Yassi Pressman) away from his mortal enemy. But to everyone’s surprise, it was all just Alyana’s dream.

The gripping episode garnered a national TV rating of 43.7%, compared to “The Cure” that only got 17%, according to data from Kantar Media, making “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” the undisputed number one show in the country.

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