What first-time dad Cardo can do for firstborn Ricky Boy

What joy can a man feel when he sees his firstborn for the first time?


This is what first-time dad Cardo (Coco Martin) surely felt as he first laid his eyes on his newborn baby Ricky Boy at the onset of Book 2 of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. Nothing can beat that feeling of warmth, fulfillment and accomplishment as a father as you see your younger self, full with much hope, happiness and promise in the world, beckoning in your arms.

It is the culmination of wondrous expectation with wife Alyana (Yassi Pressman), from the time that extra line is seen on the pregnancy test strip and your wife’s choosiness in food to those moments when she senses that painful kick and eventually feeling those contractions that reveal this is it.


You would want the best for your child, giving what your bundle of joy wants or needs and planning ahead for the future. This is even to the point of sacrifice when you’d want to go the extra mile, in this case, Cardo selling off his owner-type jeep to purchase his own passenger jeepney to earn more and Alyana wanting to get back to work to help out.


And that you’d be able to make your child reach dreams and aspirations. While you might have something in mind, as Cardo wishes Ricky Boy to become a cop like him, it is the child’s decision when he grows up that matters, as Lola Flora (Susan Roces) stresses.


You’d always be there to celebrate with him, over any accomplishment or milestone—especially his most special day of the year.


And be at your child’s side in the most difficult time, when his frail body is stricken with a terrible disease like dengue. It’s when you’d do anything humanly possible just to make him recover, and pray to the heavens for help.



Yes, you are that first-time dad who’ll do anything for your angel no matter what it takes, even through hell or high water, just to keep him well and safe.

Watch more of Cardo’s incredible love for son Ricky Boy as a first-time dad on FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, weeknights after TV Patrol on Primetime Bida.