#FPJAPUltimatum grips netizens with tragic turn of events

Nothing else could be as hurtful to watch a dear character felled in one momentous scene.

And for all who watched FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano on Monday, it became all too real.

Cardo’s (Coco Martin) endearing granduncle, Lolo Delfin or Police Chief Supt Delfin Borja (Jaime Fabregas), was gunned down in broad daylight. Heartbreakingly, even at his surprise birthday bash thrown by his loving sister Lola Kap (Susan Roces) and the rest of his loving family and neighbors while he was expressing his gratitude to them.

Those who watched were left to tears as the hitman, former SAF trooper Hector Mercurio (Cesar Montano) completed his mission.


Hector’s grudge

Hector had long been in bitter rancor against the police over the killing of his wife Irene (Bernadette Allyson) in a botched rescue attempt led by Cardo, his student, from a kidnap for ransom group. Since then, he left the force and became an accessory of syndicates to carry out assassinations against the men in uniform.

A happy Joaquin

Lolo Delfin became his most high profile target, a fact Joaquin withheld when he chanced upon the police general’s picture in Hector’s abandoned vehicle. Joaquin had no idea who was behind the plot, but was glad it was about to happen given his veiled links to the underground, particularly with his maternal grandfather Don Emilio (Eddie Garcia), a sinister drug lord. And when Hector shot Lolo Delfin in the chest, Joaquin could not even contain his joy seeing the bloodied general sprawled on the pavement as chaos ensued.
And as a distressed and weeping Cardo rushed his Lolo Delfin to the hospital, he broke down as a flatline registered on the ECG monitor and attending doctors tried to revive him.
Gripping and intense

#FPJAPUltimatum proved to be one of the most gripping and intense episodes in the near year-long run of the country’s top rating primetime series. It exhibited not only exceptional acting from the cast but also exhilarating sequences that would keep audiences at the edge of their seats. And as the gunshot was heard, and the jovial mood turned into shock, horror and grief—we could not contain our tears.

And here we applaud all those behind this episode, from the breathtaking photography to even the combat choreography, all under the direction of Malu Sevilla, Avel Sungpongco, and Toto Natividad. But the most outstanding element is the riveting portrayals from the cast.

As Coco Martin extends his streak of thespic brilliance, multi-awarded Cesar Montano reintroduced the primetime audience to his acclaimed acting prowess. Cesar is definitely an ideal pick for the role, as he truly defined and owned the character. It was definitely a thrill to see both Coco and Cesar on the same show and we can’t just wait to see how their ultimate face-off will turn out.