10 Reasons why Ang Probinsyano is Your Everyday Bida

Ang Probinsyano has proven that it's not just like any other action drama series. A remake of the 1997 Fernando Poe, Jr., it follows the journey of twins Ador and Cardo (both played by Coco Martin), estranged from each other in their childhood and eventually became police officers in their respective hometowns. The former grew up in Manila and became a PNP Police Official while the latter enjoyed the rural setting and became a SAF Trooper. In a tragic turn of events, Ador died in the hands of a syndicate. As a cover up and not to compromise the officer's mission, Cardo was summoned to the city to act as his brother.

The teleserye portrays the values of service, honor, and justice through the heroic acts made by the leads Ador and Cardo, and even by little sidekick Onyok.

Here are some of the Ang Probinsyano scenes that showcase Filipino heroism:

1) Ador Saves A Jeepney on the Brink of Death

Ador and his fellow police academy students see a jeepney falling off on the edge of a cliff. They save the passengers onboard, including an old woman.

2) Ador Stops a Hostage-taking

While on a train on his way home, Ador realizes that someone aboard is a wanted hostage-taker. He stops the criminal from detonating a bomb.

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