How Cardo stood as an exemplary father figure to the adorable kids on FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Aside from staying true to his sworn duty by bravely fighting for justice, peace and order at all costs, his family is also a top priority in Ricardo “Cardo” Dalisay’s (Coco Martin) life. Blessed with a loving family and having been experienced to live life alone when he was still an adolescent, Cardo has developed a big heart that beats compassion for other people especially for kids. He has always helped children whenever the opportunity came, to the extent of taking the responsibility to be their foster father on FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.


In his solitude back when he was still at the province of Botolan, Zambales, Cardo met Honorio "Onyok" Amaba (Simon Ezekiel Pineda). Onyok became Cardo’s sidekick by his own wish, and Cardo treated him as if he was his own son. However, just when Cardo thought that Onyok is completely abandoned by his parents and that the two of them will never part, Onyok’s mother came at the right moment when Cardo was set-up and put into prison. Thus, he had no choice but to give back Onyok and let the kid be reunited with his biological mother.



Meanwhile, before Cardo and Onyok went their separate ways, he met a young boy named Macario "Makmak" Samonte, Jr. (McNeal "Awra" Briguela) whose biological father Tatay Macario Samonte, Sr. (Michael Rivero) got involved in illegal drugs. Having different kinds of personality and perspective, Cardo and Macario clashed at first. Eventually, they became friends when Macario chose to tread the right path. Upon Macario’s death, Cardo swore to take care of Makmak, which he and his whole family did. They treated Makmak as if he is blood-related to the family, and accepted him wholly as well as his chosen gender.


Ligaya, Dang and Paquito

Apart from Onyok and Makmak, Cardo also stood as a father to Ligaya Dungalo (Shantel Crislyn Layh "Ligaya" Ngujo), Amanda "Dang" Ignacio (Rhian Lorraine "Dang" Ramos) and Paquito Alvarado (James "Paquito" Sagarino). They are the kids whom Cardo met when he and Onyok were on a mission once in the province of Cebu.


As much as he can and along with the support of his wife Alyana (Yassi Pressman), Cardo really tried his best to fulfill his responsibilities as a foster father to his adopted kids. Even when they had their own biological son, they made sure not to neglect their adopted kids.


As a surrogate father, Cardo took the kids to school, spent quality time with them whenever he can and made them feel special by spoiling them 


After being separated from them for months because of his assignments when he was still part of the SAF Army, Cardo missed them so much that he would always rush to go home to be with them.


Ana and Aye

Cardo also took care of the kids he rescued when he was part of the rebel group Vendetta. They are namely Ana (Rhed Bustamante) and Aye (Kenken Nuyad). Knowing that the kids are victims of child abuse, Cardo strived to look for a safe place for them, which he found in Barrio Sto. Nino, and tried to make them happy as much as he could to lessen their trauma.


Being a soldier and a family man is clearly tough. Still, Cardo knew when he has to be there for them and protect them from danger. While he and his group were still fugitives from the corrupt authorities, Cardo made a way to be reunited with his foster children and his whole family.


Ricky Boy

Of course, like any other parent, Cardo prays for his children. Not only for his foster kids but most especially for his biological child, Ricardo "Ricky Boy" A. Dalisay, Jr. (Al Vaughn Chier Tuliao). When Ricky Boy was diagnosed with dengue, Cardo never left his son and stormed the heavens for his quick recovery.


Related by blood or not, it is truly undeniable how Cardo stood as a father to the kids of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. He took care of them the best way he can and selflessly chose to do what is best for them even if it means great sacrifice.