10 wonderful reasons why Cardo chose Alyana as his wife

For Cardo (Coco Martin) to meet the woman of his dreams, it would really take quite amazing qualities to make him know she’s it.

In the course of the long, gripping narrative on FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, Cardo would surely know and feel it’s real given his precarious yet noble journey as a policeman of honor. And through it all, he came to fall in love with the news reporter Alyana Arevalo (Yassi Pressman) and more importantly, decided to live the rest of his life with her.

Why did Cardo choose to marry Alyana?

1. She is persistent.

Alyana will not get a no for an answer. And as Cardo initially shooed her away multiple times, she would still find her way through him—not only in getting a scoop but in securing a place in his heart.

2. She is receptive and not finicky

Alyana will like anything Cardo offers her, even those exotic dishes at a roadside eatery on their first date. She won’t mind the inconvenience or discomfort. Only that special moment she shares with Cardo wherever or whenever is what matters.

3. She is considerate and reliable.

Alyana goes beyond the call of duty to help those in need, including the subjects of her news reports. She would also go the extra mile for Cardo, even caring for him as he grumbles for food or as he lays down wounded.

4. She’s simply beautiful in and out.

While her attractiveness is what makes her irresistible, Alyana showed that her real beauty lies within. She’s kindhearted, compassionate, and selfless—the kind of qualities Cardo would definitely want and treasure for a wife.

5. She is a risk-taker.

Alyana loves to take risks, which shows she would entirely and wholly understand Cardo’s life as a policeman. And more than that, she would also risk life and limb for what is right, including helping Cardo and his team uncover the truth and battle criminals.

6. She trusts Cardo.

Trust is one of the foundations of a happy and strong relationship. Hence, Alyana makes Cardo feel that she trusts him with her life. She knows and believes that Cardo will always be there for him, no matter what.

7. She is reverent and faithful.

Alyana would always show her reverence to God and calls on Him for Cardo’s safety—a life of faith Cardo himself holds so dear.

8. She knows how to cook.

Cliché as it may seem but Alyana proves the famous aphorism “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” True. As she is an excellent cook, Alyana would always satisfy Cardo in that moment of weakness with delectable delight.

9. She is willing to sacrifice

Nothing was more important to Alyana than Cardo, not even that journalism career she dreamed of all her life. For her love knows no bounds, sacrificing what’s special to her for Cardo’s sake.

10. She loves Cardo.

Above all, her love for Cardo was genuine and real. And he knew it. Especially as he was incarcerated for a crime he did not commit and only a few believed he was innocent, Cardo was confident of Alyana’s love all throughout—her loyalty, belief and trust in him never ceased.

Indeed, Cardo sees his destiny in Alyana and loves her dearly. And in the thrilling, exhilarating sequences as a result of that unfortunate incident after their wedding, witness how Cardo’s love for Alyana go the distance on FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, weeknights after TV Patrol.