5 ways Cardo inspires us to restore our faith in humanity

Cardo Dalisay (Coco Martin) may not be in the police force anymore, but his compassion, selflessness, empathy and kindness to fellowmen are unmistakable. Even as he now lives the life of an ordinary citizen in Book 2 of the nation’s top-rating TV program FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, Cardo showed that the role of ensuring the safety and welfare of others is a shared responsibility with authorities. Not by being law enforcers themselves but by setting good examples in the acts of kindness we do.

These will not only inspire others to do their share and extend a helping hand when needed, but also restore their faith in humanity. Here are the five ways Cardo made us believe in the uprightness and generosity of others.

1. There are those who’d defend us against criminals

Even if Cardo now plies city streets as a jeepney driver, this doesn’t make him less of a hero. He jumped into action when robbers attacked his passengers, stabbing one of them. He fought them off, neutralizing them and avoiding passengers further harm and loss of valuables. As his former police colleagues praised him for his heroic deed, Cardo said he will never miss the chance to help others against the scourge of crime.

2. There are people who have genuine compassion for elders

Respect and love for elders is very important for Cardo, with Lola Flora (Susan Roces) and Lolo Delfin (Jaime Fabregas) as his most beloved. In one of his trips, Cardo asked Paco (Long Mejia) to assist an old woman in embarking and getting off the jeep and to also help her load and unload her stuff. Aside from that, Cardo allowed her to ride for free.

3. There are selfless individuals who share with the less-fortunate

After a hard day’s work, you’d really want to reward yourself with a hot, sumptuous meal, right? For Cardo, it’s more than just enjoying that delectable dish, it’s sharing it with the less fortunate. And a boy named Romy, whom he caught stealing a side mirror of a car parked in front of an eatery he was patronizing, became the object of his generosity. While he did scold the boy and warned him not to repeat the offense, Cardo did not turn the child over to the police and best of all, he also shared a delicious bowl of beef pares with him.

4. There are people who would fight for our rights

A wrong cannot justify another wrong. A pirated DVD vendor might have violated copyright laws, but that doesn’t warrant hitting the suspect with a wooden stick. As arresting officers tried to hit the offenders, mostly women, Cardo shielded them and was struck repeatedly at the back. After the officers accused him of meddling in a legitimate police operation, Cardo rebuked them for committing human rights violations against the vendors.

5. There are those who would help us in the face of danger

Risking life and limb all for the benefit of others has always been Cardo’s signature trait. Moreso for his wife Alyana (Yassi Pressman) and her cameraman Pinggoy (Benj Manalo), who were abducted by rebels. He singlehandedly infiltrated the rebel lair and fended off their captors before leading them to their freedom. Indeed, Cardo’s example is truly inspirational. Watch more of his exceptional and noble exploits on FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, weeknights after TV Patrol.