Arjo Atayde: The Man Behind FPJ Ang Probinsyano's Joaquin Tuazon
If the action teleserye Dugong Bahay was his first big break, "Pure Love" in 2014 was his first primetime project. It was based on the 2011 Korean drama “49 Days” and was topbilled by Alex Gonzaga.

Pure Love

Arjo also appeared in an episode of the fantaserye Wansapanatym in 2015. He was also part of the teleserye "Nathaniel" in the same year as Pedro Alvaro.

Wansapanataym: Remote ni Eric (2015)


Nathaniel (2015)


Finally, after trying his hand in drama, fantasy, sci-fi, and even guesting in an episode of the sitcom "Toda Max," his big project at present is "FPJ's Ang Probinsyano." He has showcased not only his skills in acting but also his perseverance in harnessing his talent. Here are five of the most memorable scenes of Arjo Atayde as Joaquin:

1) Joaquin Kills Ador
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When Ador started killing Diego's men, Joaquin knew that he has no other choice but take the life of his colleague in order to save his father's crime syndicate.

2) Joaquin Defies His Father
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As a man of the law and as the son of a drug lord, it's hard for Joaquin to reconcile the two. In an episode, he becomes angry at his father for convincing him to let Diego escape from prison and the subsequent killing of his two best men.

3) Joaquin Kneels in Front of Carmen
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Desperate to be with Carmen, Joaquin kneels down in front of the widow and tries to convince her to give him another chance.

4) Joaquin Proposes to Carmen

Joaquin asks for Carmen's hand in marriage but when the widow refused, he resorted to blackmail. He threatened that he will jump off the building if the love of his life will not say yes.

5) Joaquin Slaps Carmen
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Carmen calls up Cardo to see if there are any updates on the search for Junior. Joaquin overhears Carmen’s conversation with Cardo and feels insulted. In his anger, Joaquin hits Carmen.

Will Joaquin continue to defend his father and protect his family? Or will he finally man up and respect his badge as a policeman? Catch more of Arjo Atayde's acting in "FPJ's Ang Probinsyano," weeknights after TV Patrol.

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