FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’s one thrilling episode that captured the entire nation

What pumps up the primetime crowd into a frenzy? FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’s surely has all of it, especially during the night of February 1, 2016 when it was the most watched television show nationwide.

Surely, nothing beats the captivating presence of the alluring Paloma, the confidently beautiful with a mission undercover alter-ego of dedicated cop Cardo (Coco Martin), while taking all of the human trafficking syndicate in one swoop to save his beloved Carmen (Bela Padilla).

That heart-thumping thrilling sequence of events -- from the flesh auction by the pool that sold Carmen to the highest bidder to the hilarious moment Paloma revealed who she was, a cop by the name of Cardo Dalisay, which sparked a furious gun battle with reinforcements that really came on time (unlike most action movies) – made everyone just sit by the edge of their seats. This led to multiple casualties on the syndicate’s side, led by the ringleader Olga (Gina Pareno) who was confronted by Cardo and his uniformed nemesis in disguise Joaquin (Arjo Atayde) and shot to death by the latter after she refused to surrender and fired at them.

And what even made it more exciting was the scene in which a motorbike-riding Cardo chased the fleeing foreigner, who tried to escape with Carmen by reaching his yacht at a nearby port and sped away. But Cardo, who arrived at the port just a few seconds after the yacht had left to sail, would not allow Carmen to slip away. He dove into the sea and swam to pursue the yacht with his own brute strength. Indeed, a dramatic, gallant and rousing end to an episode that is recorded as posting its new all-time high national TV rating of 45.9% based on Kantar Media data.

Who wouldn’t watch this impeccable package of brazen, Hollywood-style production values in terms of action scene execution, and heartwarming Pinoy-driven drama with filial themes that bring main characters so relatable and endearing? Especially with this particular episode, when the mission of Cardo’s viral and much talked about transformation into Paloma to bust the relentless trafficking syndicate has come to pass. And of course, the nail-biting circumstances that will lead to its fruition.

Kudos to Dreamscape Entertainment for this feat that is truly well-deserved, and the laudable and superb direction by Malu Sevilla and Avel Sunpongco and the masterful writing led by Joel Mercado, and the piece for this episode penned by John Joseph Tuason, made this program worthy of its immense national following.

But what really caught our attention was the show’s exemplary editing, led by Froilan Francia, and photography direction by George Tutanes and Eli Balce that really not only made FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano not only a compelling story to follow but a masterful visual treat to experience daily.

Really, it’s something people of any social class, gender, age or intellectual orientation would really watch out for every single weeknight.

And they truly can’t wait.