What keeps FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano on top? It’s all about family

All are just in awe with the spine-tingling action that reverberates on the living room when Cardo duels with his adversaries on FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Or, spend the evening guffawing at each “awra” look from Makmak, while getting smitten as Cardo and Glen slowly get closer, and astonished with all the nerve-wrecking, suspenseful twists become all too riveting.

But what really draws us close to the show nearing its one-year anniversary as the longest running among the current teleseryes and, in fact, the top rating show in the country? What makes it a cut above the rest in the primary primetime slot after the newscasts?

It’s all about the wonder of Filipino family ties, even if members are very much divergent or far-off or not even biologically related at all.

All those glued to their TVs, mobile devices, and even desktops of office workers fearing they would be unable to reach home in time for the show, will always embrace and treasure the resonating value of filial ties FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano promotes on each episode.

You feel it—from Lola Kap’s precious pieces of advice to Cardo reaching out to Onyok and Makmak as his own, and cares for them more than even a father would do. That immeasurable and intrinsic need to belong and how we are just all too willing to extend our outstretched arms in accepting deserving people as family—FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano always takes us home wherever we are.

The show is replete with this theme, when characters encounter the worst tragedies or the best fun moments—they are depicted sharing, enduring, celebrating, and overcoming the odds as a family.

We felt the pain when Carmen left us primarily because of how her death affected both her immediate and extended families. And, channel Glen’s comical puzzlement as her parents become all too involved in her personal life.

The fact that Filipinos are family-oriented by nature explains that phenomenal success; how viewers would always relate and identify with each situation portrayed and how they become emotionally attached to them.

Above all, the show teaches family values to the highest degree. How all of us should follow suit and treat our families with utmost care and concern—and of course, our fervent and astute protection against those who threaten its foundation.

Yes, the story centers on a principled, dedicated cop but it glaringly highlights the essence and power of family in making this happen and help justice prevail in the end.