• Monday - Friday after The Iron Heart
  • Monday - Friday after The Iron Heart
Piolo and Lovi unveil Flower of Evil official poster, plus discoveries about each other

The Philippine adaptation of hit Korean drama “Flower of Evil” unveiled its official poster, and all its elements are giving us a first experience of what it will feel like watching the series.

The exciting reveal happened last Monday, May 23, in a short media conference streamed on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube channel, attended by the show’s lead stars Piolo Pascual and Lovi Poe.

Evoking a romance-thriller vibe, the poster shows close-ups of Piolo and Lovi’s faces and is embellished with elements that communicate important facets of the story. Artist Justin Besana described his masterpiece as character-driven.

“This is the kind of poster na the more you know the story, mas nagiging deeper din ‘yung interpretation sa poster,” said Justin, who’s also the genius behind the “The Broken Marriage Vow” poster.

To help you get the message of the visuals, here’s the gist of the story: A couple seemingly lives a happy life but unknown to the wife (Lovi), who works as a detective, her husband (Piolo) hides behind a stolen identity to conceal a scandalous past, which she would slowly uncover because of a case she’s handling.

Flower of Evil poster

If you’ve watched the Kdrama version of Flower of Evil,” you’d probably remember the male lead Hee Sung’s “connection” to his father, and that connection is symbolized by the veins in the poster. Also striking elements are the heart and flowers, all of which represent the female lead, whose mission is to dissect the truth.

The poster presents the heart of the story in a melodramatic-mystery fashion. Lovi said she feels the emotions of the characters just by looking at the visuals while Piolo was drawn to the poster’s overall mood which he described as “kind of grim and dark.”

Besides the poster, we also got to watch Lovi and Piolo’s version of the iconic scene in the series wherein the wife saves the husband, whose hands and feet were tied, from drowning in a pool.

This isn’t Piolo’s first time starring in an adaptation since he recreated “Lovers in Paris” with KC Concepcion in 2009. But like in his many other roles, Piolo is going to deliver his own take and style in Flower of Evil.” 

“You have to create your own. At the end of the day, it’s not about copying but it’s about coming up with something new, something that can be more exciting for the audience. Not to compare. We’re so past that. Sa amin, ‘yung ibibigay na flavor is personal, with collaboration with everyone,” said Piolo on how he aims to sketch the role originally portrayed by Korean actor Lee Joon-gi.

Lovi, on reprising the character played by Moon Chae-won, said she’s making it her own through compassionate portrayal. “I guess it’s important that everything had to come from the heart talaga. ‘Yun ang laging hinahanap ng mga directors namin talaga, eh. The moment that you feel it, you know you’re doing it right,” said Lovi, who wishes to work with Korean superstar Jung Hae-in.

Besides, the goal is to create a version that communicates Pinoy culture to make it more relatable.

Even seasoned actors like Lovi and Piolo still feel pressured, especially since Flower of Evil was a massive success in Korea. But they just learn to use pressure as motivation to create something good. It also helped that Lovi is a huge K-drama fan (evinced by her Instagram posts) and Flower of Evil is one of her favorites.

The cast has been hard at work for six months now. They’re on their 4th cycle, enough time to discover a lot about each other. Lovi now understands the rave about Piolo as a leading man. She’s happy to finally experience Piolo’s brilliance as a co-actor, which also inspires her emotions in their scenes, “All I have to do is look into his eyes and talagang nadadala na ako, which is very good kasi gift ‘yan sa isang actor, mabilis siyang makaramdam ng emotions.”

Lovi also received sweet words from Piolo, who praised her commitment and passion. It has been eight months since she became a bonafide Kapamilya. Admittedly, the transition was difficult but everybody including Piolo and the series’ staff worked hard to make her feel at home.

The lock-in setup was a big help in her adjustment and growing closer with her new Kapamilyas. Besides, it helps them keep their portrayals consistent.

In keeping with the teleserye’s theme, Piolo and Love share their thoughts about loving a liar and someone with a bad past. Both of them believe that a person must never be judged based on the past because what’s important is he learned to be honest at present. As Piolo put it, “You never dwell in the past because that’s the other person’s situation. You’re out of that. What you’re dealing with is the present that will define the future.”

Now you’d be lying if you say the poster, plus Piolo and Lovi’s stories didn’t excite you! Watch out for the Pinoy adaptation of Flower of Evil soon on Kapamilya platforms.