Florida learns about Beth and Cris’ love story
On Flordeliza, Beth opened up to Florida about her problems with her brother, Manny. Beth also shared how her love story with Crisanto began.

Beth and Cris had just graduated from high school when he proposed to her in front of her family. Their deal was to finish college first then get married right after. However, things changed as time went by and Beth did well in school and in her internship. Cris, on the other hand, was still insistent in his plans to get married and did not want Beth to work. Beth graduated Magna Cum Laude but she was already pregnant so they got married.

Cris’ parents gave the newly-weds a house as a wedding gift. Cris thought that they did not need it as he wanted to bring Beth wherever he goes, being a part of the army. Cris did not want to leave his pregnant wife alone but Beth assured him that once she gives birth, she and their daughter will follow him to Abra.

When Cris returned home for a vacation, he had an argument with Beth’s jobless and troublesome brother, Manny.  Cris wanted to take Beth and Liza to Abra but Beth chose to stay and help her family.

After Beth told her story, Florida kept on crying. She quietly remembered the time she told her mother that Cris impregnated her. Teresa was so disappointed with her.

Meanwhile, Flor told her father that she knows everything already and that when he gets well, she and her mother will leave. Later, Cris’ friend from the military, Miguel visited him and saw Florida. He then talked to Cris, who surprisingly replied to him.

Has Cris been faking his illness?

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