Flordeliza reveals the story of Crisanto’s double life
The premiere of the newest Kapamilya Gold offering, “Flordeliza” unfolded the story of Crisanto, a soldier, who is living two lives – one in the city and one in the province.

Crisanto or Cris for short, happily returned to his wife Florida and daughter Flor in the province, after his field duty. It was earlier revealed that Florida was also assisting in the soldiers’ camp as a kitchen aid.

Cris excitedly returned to their home but his mood changed after he received a text message which he showed to Florida. She told him to go to Manila the next morning.

Consequently, Cris left for Manila because apparently he has another family and his other daughter Liza is sick. That night, his wife Beth’s jobless brother Manny asked for money as their father got sick again. She and Cris rushed to the hospital.

Meanwhile in the province, Florida told her mother, Teresa, that Cris will not be able to tell his wife about the separation yet as their daughter got sick. Further, she said that her family is complete and that it is Cris’ legitimate family who is sharing his time. Teresa told Florida that she is just scared that Beth will fight for her right as his wife.  

Back in Manila, just as when Crisanto and an emotional Beth are going to talk about separating, Liza shouted from her bedroom, crying. She said she dreamt of Cris dying.

Flor, on the other hand, was also crying because of an explosion in school. She asked her mother, Florida that they move to Manila with her father. She said she does not want to live in the province anymore because of the war.

Meanwhile, Beth emotionally opened up to her best friend at work about her marital problems and concerns in the family. It appeared that she is in charge of her parents and siblings aside from her own family.

Florida, on the other hand, talked to Flor about being selfless and generous even though one will not receive anything in return, calling it true love.

The next morning, Flor decided to call her father. However, Liza answered her father’s phone and asked Flor who is she looking for.

Will they discover what Crisanto has been keeping from them?

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