Flor still protects Liza despite her half-sister’s meanness
In Flordeliza, Flor slept outside the house after falling into Liza’s trap. Rona saw her the next morning so she told him the truth about what happened between her and Liza.

When Cris came, Rona wanted to tell him what Liza did but Flor quickly retracted her story and said  it was her decision to stay outside. She later explained to Rona that she does not want Cris to get mad at Liza and that she wants to be close to her half-sister.

Rona also talked to Beth, to whom Liza already opened up to, about what happened. However, despite Beth’s knowledge of the situation, she told Rona that she will still side with her daughter when worse comes to worst.

Meanwhile at home, Liza was about to tear a picture of Flor with Cris and Florida to pieces when Flor sees her. Flor accidentally pushed Liza in her effort to get the photo. Cris tried to mediate between the children as he witness the two in a catfight. Liza makes her father choose a side.

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