Flor learns the truth about her family and runs away
On Flordeliza, Annie left Cris under the supervision of Flor and Liza. When Liza entered the house to get something, Flor suddenly hugged Cris and surprisingly talked to him, recognizing him as her father and asking how they are related to Liza. When Flor was able to confirm that her father is also Liza’s father, she cried and confronted her mother.


Florida, surprised that her daughter is well, explained that Liza is her half-sister while Beth is the legal wife of her father. Flor expressed her dismay but Florida asked her to not let anyone know of their situation. She assured her daughter that they will eventually leave when Cris gets well.


Flor approached Cris in his room and asked him why he lied to them. She told him that she cannot take it anymore.


Later, Florida discovered that Flor is missing. Evening came and it was already raining when Florida and Arnold found Flor. Beth, who was also looking for her, picked them up. Later, Flor was burning with fever so Florida thought of returning to Abra considering the stress Flor was undergoing.


The next day, Flor hugged Liza while Florida tried to tell Beth the truth about her and her daughter.


Will Florida tell Beth that she is Cris’ mistress and Flor is their daughter?


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