Beth and Liza make Flor’s life miserable
In Flordeliza, Liza, who purposefully made herself fall down the stairs, accused Flor of pushing her. Cris then reprimanded Flor, who only told Rona the truth. Beth, on the other hand, urged Liza to fight back whenever Flor hurts her. In front of Cris and Beth, Flor apologized to Liza, who superficially asked her to sleep beside her.

In a threatening tone, Beth ordered Flor not to tell Cris about what’s happening to her and Liza. Later while Flor is doing the laundry, Liza threw soy sauce at her. When Cris, Beth and Annie saw Flor, she told them what Liza did. However, Liza was quick to deny, saying that Flor brought the soy sauce in the laundry area and spilled it.

Later, Beth told Flor to not think of her mother anymore as she is a promiscuous woman. She said that it’s a good thing that she is now living with them as she might grow up like her mother.

Rona caught Liza tumbling around the house when she was supposed to be healing a broken arm because of her fall from the stairs. He confronted her and learned that Liza is mad at Flor just because she is her sister.

For how long will Flor live like this around Liza and Beth?

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