5 Cheesy Family Feud Pick-Up Lines that Actually Work

Cheesy, witty, and even endearing; these are what distinguishes the most winning pick-up lines ever. They are humorously cringe-worthy, fun and pack a lot of laughs. And no one could come up with these crazy banats better than the trusty, effortlessly funny Pinoys. Naturally clever with words, our movies and TV shows, social media, and everyday conversations are chock-full of these wacky one-liners and hugot lines. They even add to the fun and hilarious interactions on the favorite weekend game show Family Feud, just like when Hashtag Nikko Natividad tried out his kilig-inducing banat on Julia Barretto or when Tuesday Vargas shared a pick-up line so genius because it’s uniquely hers.

And as we get closer to Valentine’s Day, let’s first indulge on some of the funniest one-liners straight from our beloved celebrities. Here are 5 Family Feud pick-up lines that are so adorably corny they actually work!

1. Sunshine: "Si Jessy Mendiola ka ba?"

Sunshine Garcia of Banana Sundae family delivers a pick-up line that got host Luis Manzano’s stamp of approval.

2. Hashtag Nikko shares his Gandang Lalaki tips on how to win a girl’s heart.

Nikko Natividad won It’s Showtime’s Gandang Lalaki before joining the Hashtags. And in this Family Feud episode, he shares that politeness and some simple pick-up lines can help a boy win a girl’s heart. He even tries his ultimate one-liner on one of the most beautiful young actresses today, Julia Barretto.

3. Tuesday Vargas may be Ejay Falcon’s future.

Tuesday Vargas almost gave up the round to Ejay Falcon after hearing out the pick-up line he had for her. But the comedienne quickly recovers and asks Ejay if he was Monday. Tuesday absolutely slayed this pick-up line war.

4. VJ Marquez is definitely his father’s son.

As Joey Marquez’s son, VJ has certainly picked up a thing or two when it comes to the ladies. He’s even more than happy to demonstrate his slickest moves on Donnalyn Bartolome of the “Darkroom” family. Did he pass or did he “fall”?

5. Albie’s one-liner gets all the girls.

Barbie Imperial of GirlTrends shares that she’s looking for someone tall, kind and good-looking, characteristics that fit Albie Casiño to a T. Meanwhile, Albie’s friends were quick to disclose his secret; they swear that just one line from him and the girls are hooked. But will Albie’s legendary line work on Barbie?