9 Things We Will Surely Miss About Family Feud

Today, May 7, our favorite weekend habit “Family Feud” aired its last episode. For more than a year, we didn’t only enjoy the showdowns of teams, but we also got entertained by the celebrity players and of course, the show’s host Luis Manzano. As we bid goodbye to the international hit game show, let us list down the 9 things Kapamilya viewers will surely miss about it.

1. The cheers of the teams

Before the game starts, each team is required to make and present their cheer. Some groups have created very impressive ones while there were also ones that became memorable in their own little way.


2. The funny punchlines of Luis

Without a doubt, Luis Manzano is one of the country’s best and funniest hosts. Just in the show, he has made a lot of witty and hilarious hirits to the celebrity contestants that really made the Kapamilya viewers laugh out loud.



3. Dance showdowns

Many celebrities have impressed the viewers not only in guessing the top answers on the board, but also in showing off their special skills. Some contestants didn’t only have a showdown in playing the game, some also had showdown on the dance floor.


4. Kantahan and biritan

Aside from the dance showdowns, the game show also had a lot of unforgettable kantahan and biritan moments of the celebrity players.


5. Hiritan of the teams

Since two teams are playing against each other, we can’t avoid but have many hilarious hiritan and asaran moments on the show.


6. Hugot of the players

While answering the survey board, some celebrity contestants also made very hugot statements that definitely became the talk of the town.


7. Teams that have closed the survey board

For more than a year, we have seen that trying to guess the top answers on the survey board is really not easy. That is why, we couldn’t help but cheer for the teams whenever they get the right answer and close the survey board.


8. Kilig to the bones scenes

Even though they are playing against each other, some celebrity players also made a lot of kilig moments while talking about the contestants of the other team that made the viewers feel some kilig as well.


9. Sayang moments

Aside from closing the survey boards, winning the jackpot prize during the Fast Money round has also been proven as one of the hardest thing to do on the game show. Some teams have succeeded while some were already so close but just didn’t quite make it.