9 Feb-Ibig Moments on Family Feud

The season of love is upon us again this February. And the celebrity guests of the most-loved weekend game show Family Feud seem to be especially prone to hits from Cupid’s arrows.

For almost a year now, this Kapamilya game show has been entrancing viewers by its quirky format of asking for top answers to survey questions, the charm of its celebrity contestants, and Luis Manzano’s uncanny ability to make every second fun and fresh. But aside from these, Family Feud has another charm: it offers a candid and, oftentimes, funny look into the love lives and love interests of our favorite Kapamilya stars.

So let’s all fall in love this February as we round up the 9 most kilig-inducing moments on Family Feud.

1. ElNella’s sweet Valentine invitation.


Luis asks Elmo Magallona whether he and Janella Salvador already have plans for Valentine’s Day. Elmo takes this as an opportunity to invite his leading lady, on national TV, to be his Valentine. One week after, Janella gives her cute reply through a song.

2. ToMiho: Love is a universal language.

No one else can prove that love is a language understood by all better than real-life couple Miho Nishida and Tommy Esguerra. The two found love inside Pinoy Big Brother despite the obvious language barrier between them. And in this episode of Family Feud, Miho pours her heart out to Tommy, in Nihongo.

3. Pokwang’s unconventional message for Lee O'Brien.

Pokwang has a lot of reasons to smile this February. Aside from looking forward to Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend Lee O’Brien, the comedienne reveals that they are also celebrating their 2nd anniversary come February 7. Pokwang also shares the secret to their relationship, and then leaves a very “private” message for Lee.

4. Luis and Jessy spill out their feelings for each other.


When you love someone, it shows. And that’s exactly what everyone witnessed when Jessy Mendiola guest starred on Family Feud where she was treated to the same candidness and humor that characterize Luis’s hosting. Inspired by Joel Torre and Richard Yap’s answers during the face-off round, Luis openly points to Jessy and declares her his “love.” Not to be outdone, Jessy reveals the best gift she received on her last birthday. Clue, it left Luis with a big smile on his face.

5. Arron and Dawn have adorable pet names for each other.

Arron Villaflor and Dawn Chang have been making sweet music together on the morning show “Umagang Kay Ganda” where their tandem first blossomed because of their undeniable chemistry. The two even have the sweetest pet names. And in this episode of Family Feud, Arron tells Luis how their affectionate names came about.

6. KathNiel: All in love is fair.


In a rare event, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla played against each other on this August 2016 episode of Family Feud. The studio is filled with screaming fans as Luis wastes no time in asking Daniel and Kathryn if they accept each other as husband and wife. The host then pointedly asks Kathryn if she loved Daniel, sending the KathNiel fans into a frenzy. But the kilig doesn’t stop there! Kathryn loses the face-off round, but wins a sweet, consoling hug from Daniel.

7. McLisse is “Team Very Happy.”


It’s a known fact that Elisse Joson has had her heart broken a couple of times before. And so for those who are also suffering from heartache, McCoy shares a tip that worked very well for him and Elisse inside the Pinoy Big Brother house. With a very successful commercial and a love team beloved by many, Luis then inquires after the state of Elisse’s heart. The young actress bashfully admits that she is now very happy. McCoy quickly quips that he shares the same sentiment, much to the delight of their fans.

8. Kaye Abad’s beauty is timeless.

Luis asks Bret Jackson who among his fellow PBB housemates caught his attention. But instead, the young stunner surprises everyone by declaring that he has been harboring a crush on Kaye Abad whom he met while doing “Angelito Book 2.” Bret then proceeds to kiss Kaye’s hand, prompting Luis to comment on the actress’s remarkable beauty.

9. BaiLona continues to make sweet music together.


Bailey May is asked by Luis what song he would like to dedicate to Ylona Garcia, so the young PBB alum goes on to communicate his feelings through the lyrics of his song, “Gusto Kita.” Three months later, BaiLona returns on Family Feud. And although Ylona admits that no one has asked her yet for Valentine’s Day, things are looking hopeful that the day will be spent with Bailey, especially after the two of them join together for a delightful duet of their hit song “O Pag-ibig.”