Vice Ganda’s most viewed singing performances

Apart from being a great comedian and bankable host, we all know how a versatile artist Vice Ganda is. He’s certainly good in acting, dancing, and singing, making him a perfect fit to be the host of ABS-CBN’s newest and first-ever community singing game show Everybody Sing!

As we anticipate his stint in his latest and upcoming project, let’s take a look back first on his top 5 most-viewed musical performances on YouTube through the years in this feature!

The Voice Philippines Finale: Lea Salonga and Mitoy |Total Eclipse of the Heart | Live Performance
Number of views: 11,662,728

Amidst the scorching contention during the finale of The Voice Philippines Season 1, Vice indeed provided comic relief as he joined Coach Lea Salonga and her then-artist and eventual grand winner Mitoy Yonting in their exceptional and humor-filled performance of Bonnie Tyler’s all-time favorite hit “Total Eclipse of the Heart”.

It’s Showtime: Vice kisses Karylle on ‘Showtime Kapamilya Day’
Number of views: 10,814,400

Cladded in black leather jacket and black tight maong pants, which he complemented with his Mohawk hair and fake stubble, the Unkabogable Star definitely thrilled the madlang people when he introduced his alter-egos – the heartthrob “Lee Min Horse” and the rockstar “Viceral”.

He brought the latter in the “Showtime Kapamilya Day” and delivered kilig vibes to the audiences as he did an exhilarating rendition of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl”. But what made his number extra exciting was when he got off the stage, went to Karylle who was sitting then among the madlang people, and gave her a peck on the lips that didn’t only surprise her, but the viewers too!

I Can see Your Voice PH: I’m Ballin’ For You with Vice Ganda | Stage of Truth
Number of views: 5,130,774

Three years ago, Vice’s skill in guessing was tested through his appearance in the mystery music game show I Can See Your Voice. With bated breaths, just like we do in other episodes, we anticipated if the last SEE-cret songer he had chosen to remain lounge singer John Andrew Manzano, was a “SEE-nger” or a “SEE-ntunado”.

Through their duet of Roselle Nava’s “Dahil Mahal Na Mahal Kita”, we’re truly delighted when we found out that his pick was not only a good varsity basketball player, but a certified “SEE-nger” as well!

Team Vice touches hearts with their grandiose concert on self-love | It’s Showtime Magpasikat 2019
Number of views: 4,793,611

The Unkabogable Star and his team didn’t simply give us a spectacular concert experience, but inspired also with their timely message on self-love via their winning Magpasikat entry last year. He was also not shy in showing to the spectators his real physical appearance sans his ever-changing wigs as he incorporated it in their enthralling number, and even invited some people with alopecia like him as well.

But what made it extra special and memorable was that his bold revelation that he and Kuya Escort Ion are already in a relationship.

It’s Showtime: Shirtless Paulo Avelino joins Vice, Jhong on It’s Showtime
Number of views: 3,121,533

For the third year anniversary of It’s Showtime in 2012, Vice and his teammate Jhong Hilario captivated us with their exceptional entry for that year’s Magpasikat fete. They both stirred and made us laugh out loud with their hilarious spoofs on some of the scenes from a few TV shows and movies, as well as astounding us with their respective vocal and dancing prowess and a sidesplitting banters and jokes

Making their number more delighting was the surprise appearance of Paulo Avelino who made us drool when he came out the stage with no shirt on.

For sure, you are excited as us to finally see Everybody Sing!, right? Well, you better stay tuned as it’s about to begin really, really soon!