How ABS-CBN’s “Everybody, Sing!” promotes Filipino pride

Besides the huge jackpot prize, fun singing, and Vice Ganda’s grand costumesEverybody, Sing! has also brought light and joy to viewers because it highlights the excellence and goodness of Filipinos. The always trending community singing game show from ABS-CBN is a reminder to viewers that Filipinos still have a lot to be proud of, and thankful for, even as difficulties abound.  

Check out why Everybody, Sing!, which airs every Saturday and Sunday at 7 pm on A2Z, Kapamilya ChannelKapamilya Online Live, and iWantTFC, will inspire you to raise the country’s flag.  

1) Original concept and Pinoy-made  

How ABS CBN s Everybody Sing promotes Filipino pride 1

Game shows seen on Philippine TV are usually local versions from other countries so it’s always exciting to watch an original Pinoy game show that is inspired by our Filipino culture.   

In fact, ABS-CBN has produced hit original game shows like “Game KNB?” and “Pera o Bayong” to add excitement in the way Filipinos watch TV. These shows were so successful that they are even played during Pinoy parties. 

For Everybody, Sing!, it is anchored on the Filipino people’s love for singing but with a twist. Players who make up the ‘songbayanan’ guess the lyrics of the songs in five game categories. Sometimes they have to translate the missing lyric from Filipino to English or guess the lyric through picture clues. Every correct answer is equivalent to P1,000 for each player.   

2) Promotes the Bayanihan spirit  

Nothing screams Filipino than our Bayanihan spirit that is evident this pandemic. From online fundraisers to community pantries, Filipinos are a natural at coming together to lift others.   

Bayanihan is felt in Everybody, Sing! especially during the jackpot round where the songbayanan has to work together to get all the right titles of the songs within the time they were able to accumulate in the previous rounds. If they get all 10 titles correctly, they win P500,000 that they will split among themselves. So far, the group of community pantry volunteers and massage therapists already clinched the jackpot.    

3) Shows Filipinos’ love for singing 

How ABS CBN s Everybody Sing promotes Filipino pride 2

Filipinos’ love for singing is renowned all over the world. They love to belt out songs in a karaoke or wherever they are with family and friends. Hitting the right notes is second only to having fun and connecting with people. 

In Vice Ganda’s game show, the songbayanan aren’t necessarily a pool of great singers and sometimes they don’t know the lyrics of the song, but like any true Filipino, they still manage to have a good time as they enjoy the experience together.   

4) Features the nation’s heroes during this pandemic  

How ABS CBN s Everybody Sing promotes Filipino pride 3

How ABS CBN s Everybody Sing promotes Filipino pride 4

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed heroes among ordinary Filipinos who put their lives at risk just to serve others. The songbayanan of Everybody, Sing! pays tribute to communities of heroes by featuring them as the songbayanan so viewers learn more about their inspiring stories.   

It is also a way for ABS-CBN to give back to pandemic heroes by giving them a chance to win cash prizes that might change their lives. Sectors that have been featured in the show include grocery frontliners, security guards, and delivery riders, among others.    

5) Supports local music industry by using lots of OPM songs  

How ABS CBN s Everybody Sing promotes Filipino pride 5

Another great thing about Everybody, Sing! is it gives OPM another platform to shine. Most of the songs featured on the game show are OPM hits from different genres and sang by veteran OPM band, Six Part Invention, the resident band of the game show.  

6) Vice always gives advice or comments that emphasize positive Filipino values   

How ABS CBN s Everybody Sing promotes Filipino pride 6

How ABS CBN s Everybody Sing promotes Filipino pride 7

Besides Vice Ganda’s striking costumes that definitely grab attention, her tips on life also give Everybody, Sing! is also a welcome element on the game show.  

Vice always makes sure to connect with the songbayanan to know more about their personal journeys in the show, making it an inspiring watch. In an episode featuring delivery riders, Vice lauded the generosity of Jeffrey De Leon, a rider who went viral last year after he was seen eating a cancelled order from a customer. Jeffrey received P60,000 as financial aid from netizens and he shared it with his neighbors. Vice also always underscores other Filipino values in the show like respect for others, diligence, and resilience.  

Everybody, Sing! is the country’s first community game show that aims to underscore the importance of bayanihan and teamwork every 7 pm until 8:30 pm on weekends. It is available on A2Z, Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, iWantTFCand TFC.