Everybody Sing exceptionally impresses netizens in the first two episodes!

Our weekends were indeed filled with good vibes and music as the much-awaited first-ever community singing game show Everybody Sing finally premiered last Saturday, June 5.
For the opening salvo, host Vice Ganda made sure to live up to his Unkabogable Star status as he mesmerized us with his look inspired by the signature style of prominent British actress Audrey Hepburn. It was complemented by his high energy in singing the theme song and greeting everyone “Makantang Gabi!


Everybody Sing exceptionally impresses netizens in the first two episodes  1


But what definitely impressed viewers more was how the participants or the “songbayanan” of the pilot episode, comprised by community pantry volunteers, were able to ace each round of the contest, especially the jackpot round. 

Instead of being pitted against each other, the 25 players are actually teaming up in order to attain their one and only goal -- to win as much as P500,000 at the end of the game. And that would only be possible if they’re able to supply correct answers that are equivalent to Php1,000 each and two additional seconds that they can use in the final round.

There were five singing challenges that the songbayanan, who would be divided into five groups or “singko”, had to go through – “The Choosing One”, “Sing In The Blank”, “ReverSING”, “PicSing a Broken Song”, and “Englising Ang Lyrics”. A randomizer, called “choosera” chooses which set of singko players would play in a certain round. Nobody would definitely go home without a penny as whatever prize amount they earn in the jackpot round that would be shared by everyone.

With how refreshing the segments and well-executed the whole game were, netizens couldn’t help but wonder if Everybody Sing is an original concept of ABS-CBN or a franchise of another game show that originated in another country. And the answer is, it’s the former.  



On its first episode, the community pantry volunteers were able to take home the whopping Php500,000 jackpot prize after being able to guess the titles of all the 10 songs. The second set of songbayanan, composed of food and beverage crews, in the June 6 episode didn’t have the same fate as they failed to guess two songs.



Nevertheless, everybody still enjoyed it because of the remarkably witty remarks and funny antics of Vice Ganda, who was then cladded in a Minnie Mouse-inspired costume, as well as his hilarious (and sometimes heartwarming) exchanges with the participants.


Everybody Sing exceptionally impresses netizens in the first two episodes  2


Aside from receiving good vibes and making us sing along in every song performed by the resident band Six-Part Invention, televiewers were also given the chance to win cash prizes by answering the host’s question of the night via Twitter.

And speaking of Twitter, here are some of the rave tweets and positive feedbacks of netizens regarding the first two episodes of Everybody Sing using the official hashtag #EverybodySingPH, which actually made it to the top trending topics:



What about you, Kapamilya? What can you say about our new weekend night habit? Never miss an episode of Everybody Sing every Saturday and Sunday night, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z Channel 11!