7 times Vice Ganda proved that he can make everybody sing

Gandang Gabi Vice might have come to an end after nine years of being our constant favorite companion every Sunday night, but we better fret not because a new show is about to bring the same dose of good vibes (or perhaps even greater) to our homes soon since it’s going to be also hosted by Vice Ganda.

In the teaser released more than a week ago, Everybody, Sing! is hinted to be a musical game show as people from different walks of life were seen coming together as they sang along to what seemed to be the lyrics of its official theme song sung none other than by the Unkabogable Star.

However, even before this program, the comedian-host already had the unbelievable “power” to make people around him sing by just simply telling them to do so. Not convinced? Well, here are some proofs!

Vice Ganda challenges TNT Hurados to sing their own version of Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

As he apparently got engrossed with the LSS-inducing Whitney Houston hit “Where Do Broken Hearts Go”, which was the chosen piece of one of the Tawag ng Tanghalan contestants for the daily rounds, Vice let the five hurados perform their own renditions of the song according to the genre that he would assign to them, starting off with Erik Santos who already has a version of it.

He then told Yeng Constantino to sing it in rock and punong hurado Gary Valenciano in gospel. He asked Randy Santiago to sing it as if he’s fooling the girl he’s wooing, but the latter suggested to have it in reggae instead. Meanwhile, we couldn’t help but laugh with how K Brosas belted it out as if she’s ‘high.’

Vice Ganda challenges Moira & Kaye Cal to compose an impromptu hugot song

Known for their brilliance in composing song and piercing voices, Vice didn’t let the guesting of fast-rising songstresses Moira Dela Torre and Kaye Cal on Gandang Gabi Vice to simply slip without exhibiting their musical talents. He challenged them to compose a “hugot” song on-the-spot based on the title he gave – “Kaya Ko Na Nang Wala Ka” – to which both of them succeeded.

Vice Ganda challenges Morisette Amon

We already know how a great singer she is, but can Morissette Amon still hit the high notes of “Pangarap Ko Ang Ibigin Ka” while doing random things that the Unkabogable host asked her to do? Believe it or not, yes!

She was still able to impeccably belt out the Regine Velasquez-Alcasid hit and even do the whistle while sitting on a small stool, doing the prone, and wearing a mouthguard.

Vice Ganda, hinamon si Anne at TNT hurados na gayahin ang pagbirit ni Mariane Osabel

Amazed with how TNT Season 3 finalist Mariane Osabel did a portion of her piece during the Quarter 4 Semifinals, Vice requested his co-host Anne Curtis, hurados Dulce, Joilna Magdangal, and Kyla, as well as TNT Band’s amazing trio to do the same.

He seemingly got the taste of his own medicine as the madlang people chanted his name and Gong-cilor Jhong Hilario provided a situation that would surely enrage him.

Vice Ganda, pinakanta ang madlang people ng “Ate Vice”

After learning that TNT contender Charlene Mae Fiel is also keen in writing songs, he and his co-hosts dared her to compose a song about him impromptu. However, her composition sounded like a song usually sung in prayer rallies, sparking an idea to the Unkabogable Star to go around the studio and asked everyone to sing “Ate Vice” over and over again, including the madlang people, the people backstage, the other hosts, and the hurados.

Vice Ganda jams with madlang people

As soon as one of the TNT contenders finished her performance, Vice seemed to have gotten LSS of the song she just sang as he couldn’t help but belt out MYMP’s “Tell Me Where It Hurts”. Hearing the madlang people singing along, he climbed down the stage and went to them, giving the mic to a few members of the live studio audience to continue singing the song for him. Then they shifted to another MYMP hit “Especially For You” and Nina’s “Love Moves In Mysterious Ways”.

Vice, pinaulit ulit ang pagkanta ng Mini Miss U Nathalie

With her unmistakable cuteness, the Unkabogable Star apparently couldn’t get enough of Mini Miss U contestant Natalie Maomay, especially when she sang and danced the classic Filipino folk song “Ang Pipit”. He asked her to perform it over and over again, to which she heeded until she realized that the host was just making fun of her. He also requested guest co-host Yassi Pressman to do it too, which she enthusiastically did.

Are you ready to sing with Vice Ganda every Sunday night? Well, you better not miss an episode once it begins real soon!