Heartwarming moments Everybody Sing 2023

It was in 2020 when the gameshow Everybody, Sing! was born, which represents the bayanihan spirit and the Filipinos’ fervor for music and karaoke. With not just several individuals or a small group, but a few members of a certain community as the contestants, we can say that it’s indeed one of the biggest gameshows in the country. 

However, aside from simply making us sing along to every song which lyrics we completely know by heart, we’ve also found ourselves amused by the comedic chops of its gregarious host Vice Ganda, as well as by her fabulous and flamboyant creative outfits that vary in every episode.

While its main goal is to provide entertainment to the viewers, there were also instances when our hearts got pierced by the touching stories related by some members of the “songbayanans,” as well as the interactions of the Unkabogable Star with them. And this 2023, we’re able to witness a few, five of which we listed in this special year-ender feature!


Vice Ganda remembers her father

For the Father’s Day celebration last June, Everybody, Sing! invited 50 pairs of fathers and children to become part of the “songbayanan,” In one of the segments, Vice got to interview the tandem of Tatay Gil and her daughter Irish, who is a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Hearing how Tatay Gil took care of Irish while his wife worked abroad and how he completely supported her when she came out of the closet, Vice couldn’t help but get a little mushy as she reminded the children in the “songbayanan” how lucky they are that their dads are still alive and by their sides. As many of us know, she lost her father when she was still a young lad.

Minsan nagwi-wish ako, sana nandito ‘yong tatay ko, ‘no? Para nakikita niya kung gaano karami ang tao sa concerts ko. Sana nandito ‘yong tatay ko para nakikita niya kung gaano karami ang pumipila sa mga pelikula ko. Sana nandito ang tatay ko para napapanood niya It’s Showtime kung gaano kasaya. Pero puro sana na lang,” Vice wistfully conveyed.

Then she added, “Kayo ang swerte-swerte n’yo kasi hindi n’yo pa sinasabi ang sana. Dahil hanggang ngayon, kapiling n’yo pa sila. Kaya make the most of your time, create wonderful memories and moments with your dads and your families because you are so blessed. You are very lucky.”


Vice Ganda has a wish for Songbayanan Engaged Couples

The following month, pairs of engaged couples were tapped to be the “songbayanans.” Among them are Jarel and Carla, who, by that time, have been together for four years. In their interview with the Unkabogable Host, Carla mentioned how quite difficult it is for her to leave her family since she’s the breadwinner. But, at the same time, she also realized that the time has already come for her to choose herself and her future, to which Vice totally agreed.

She then went on to mention a video of a Chinese wedding that she saw on Facebook that made her cry, which led her to ask the groom what he would want to tell Carla’s father, as well as his promise to him. She also asked the same of Carla, who vowed that she would still not neglect her family even though she’s going to have her own. This made an impression on Vice that Carla is indeed a kind person.


Vice Ganda gets emotional as he recounts Ion's proposal to him

In that same episode, Vice also wasn’t able to hold her emotions after hearing the marriage proposal story of engaged couple Manel and Nikko as she felt envious since she didn’t feel the same when her spouse Ion Perez popped the question to her.

“Nainis ako kasi hinayaan kong talunin ng takot ‘yong saya na dapat kong naramdaman. Sa sobrang dami ng sinasabi sa’min ni Ion, nanakawan ako ng joy,” she related that made her broke into tears. She recounted how instead of getting ecstatic, she got appalled when Ion proposed to her in front of her friends.

Afraid that people would mock them and hurl hurtful words at them anew once they found out, she asked the witnesses to delete the photos and videos that they took of that moment to avoid those getting spread on social media. Unbeknown to her, one of her friends was able to save a video, which was sent to her when they tied the knot in Las Vegas, Nevada in October 2021.

Ayoko pa ring ilabas kasi sabi ko, ito ‘yong pinakamagandang nangyari sa buhay ko. Isha-share ko ‘yon sa mundo tapos babastusin nila? Kaya akin lang ‘yon. At least may natitira sa aking magandang [memory],” she tearfully said.

The Unkabogable Host then declared that all the fears and cares about what other people would tell them have already vanished, and all that she’s thinking of is Ion and the genuine love that they have for each other.


Vice Ganda cheers up “songbayanan” Chichay with a bouquet of flowers

What seemed to be an amusing exchange about her tattoos turned into an emotional discourse as “songbayanan” member Chichay revealed that the back story behind the rose tattoo on her left shoulder was because she had never received at least a stalk of rose, or even the synthetic ones, her entire life.

She opened up about how his ex and current partner never gave her a flower, with the latter even telling her that it’s no longer "in" or "uso". This is even though he’s fully aware of the story behind the said tattoo.

Seeing how her eyes glistened while sharing her story, Vice surprised her with a bunch of plastic roses that were enough to make her cry out of happiness. She also promised to send her a bouquet of flowers the following day and told her, “I want you to feel special because Chichay, you are special. At kailangan, special din ang pagtrato sa’yo bilang isang magandang babae.


Vice Ganda consoles songbayanang traffic enforcer member Bimbol

As Vice quizzed him about his romantic life, songbayanang traffic enforcer member Bimbol confessed that he actually got his heart broken last year, implying that his former flame cheated on him.

Talagang gano’n ang buhay. Hinabol ko, inayos ko, gusto kong ayusin, pero wala na. Pinagbigyan ko na,” he related. When asked how he moved on from it, Bimbol imparted that he just distracted himself with work and poured the love he had to his ex to himself by doing the things he’s passionate about.

The Kapamilya host consoled him by giving him a side hug and telling him, “Nararamdaman ko malapit na. Makikita mo ang taong sadyang nakalaan para sa’yo, na makakasundo mo at sasabayan at sasamhan ka hanggang sa dulo ng paglalakbay mo. Hindi liliko at hihinto sa lugar na hindi mo naman inaasahan.


Vice Ganda was surprised by the breakup story of a Songbayanan ex-couple

And early this year, just in time for Valentine’s Day celebration, sets of lovers and exes were invited to be the “songbayanan,” which included ex-couples Jerikku and Yhang. Vice was so shocked and thrilled at the same time while listening to their story, which apparently ended due to misunderstanding and miscommunication.

The Unkabogable Star couldn’t help herself from getting quite emotional upon knowing that both of them used to truthfully love each other so much. She told them, “Kahit hindi kayo nag-work, at least no’ng mga panahon na ‘yon, totoong nagmahalan kayo. I’m so happy for you.”

These stories are proof that each one of us has beautiful and inspiring stories to tell that when shared could touch the lives of the people around us.