5 reasons why you should be excited about Everybody Sing

The “first-ever community singing gameshow for everyone” – Everybody Sing is finally airing this coming weekend, June 5 and 6, replacing Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 3 in its timeslot.

While a lot of Kapamilya viewers have been probably anticipating it for a long time now, let’s find out the reasons why you should be excited about it even more!

It is hosted by Vice Ganda

First and foremost, it’s hosted by none other than the one and only Unkabogable Star Vice Ganda! From being a stand-up comedian and supporting actor in movies and series, we have witnessed how he has thrived into becoming one of brightest stars in the local entertainment scene. He’s been one of the mainstays of It’s Showtime in the past 11 years and even hosted his very own late-night talk program Gandang Gabi Vice that successfully ran for nine years. 

5 reasons why you should be excited about Everybody Sing 1

And now, we’re all excited to see him take on another hosting gig and catch the good vibes he never failed to deliver through his unmistakable wit and sense of humor. Besides, he’s apparently going to be cladded in various costumes or attires in every episode based on the trailer, so we guess that it is another thing we can look forward to in the coming weeks!

It’s a musical game show

As a musically-inclined and talented nation who loves listening to music and singing our hearts out (especially during karaoke sessions or inside our bathrooms!), music-themed programs have undoubtedly appealed to us Filipinos – may it be a gameshow, a variety show, or a contest.

And in Everybody Sing, aside from laughing in every episode, we’ll surely find ourselves engrossed in its every segment that’s going to involve a lot of guessing the song lyrics and the song title in the final round.

The awesome, diverse contestants

Dubbed “first-ever community singing gameshow for everyone,” it is indeed for every people since the contestants in each episode will come from a specific sector or from the same community.

Everybody Sing will feature 25 players from one sector who have to showcase their teamwork to win the P500,000 jackpot prize of the game show, which is an original concept of ABS-CBN that’s proudly Filipino-made.

And for its debut this 2021, the first set of contestants for episode 1 will be comprised by volunteers from various community pantries, while food and beverage service crews will play for the second episode.

Fresh, fun, and challenging segments

We have certainly seen a lot of musical game shows in the previous years, so Everybody Sing, an original concept of ABS-CBN, makes sure that it’s going to offer fresh segments that we probably haven’t seen before, or segments inspired by other shows, yet with unexpected twists.

The “song-bayanan” will be divided into five groups with five members and will take on a series of “guess-the-lyrics” or “guess-the-song” challenges. In the jackpot round, the “song-bayanan” must guess the title of 10 songs using the time they’ve earned during the five rounds of games. Each player has a buzzer that he/she must press if he/she wants to answer, but they only get one chance to guess the title.

In case they failed to guess one or more song titles right, they still have the chance to go back and try to answer the missed or wrong titles if there’s still time left.

Each correct answer is worth P1,000 per player and will merit an additional two seconds for the jackpot round. If they’re able to guess all 10 songs correctly, the whole community gets P500,000 that can be shared by everybody!

It will highlight the Filipino bayanihan spirit

Since every member of the “song-bayanan” is going to have the opportunity to contribute to the success of their group throughout the game, as well as the players had to have teamwork  to take home the whopping Php500,000 jackpot, it’s indeed a great way to present the Filipino bayanihan spirit – one of the things we’re known for around the world apart from our hospitality and resiliency, which were able to showcase especially during this pandemic.

Are you excited as us to watch Everybody Sing beginning this weekend? Well, you better set your alarms so that you won’t miss its pilot episodes this June 5 and 6 on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z Channel 11!