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  • Saturdays at 10:15 PM
Love Problems? Alex Gonzaga is here to the rescue!

Filipinos are known as suckers for love and being romantics. Thus, it’s highly impossible for us not to at least once in our lives be in love and heartbroken and bombarded with questions about relationships.

After publishing two best-selling books, versatile host-actress Alex Gonzaga found another way to give us love advice through the newest online ABS-CBN Originals show Dear Alex.

Although there are a lot of self-help programs on the worldwide web and television, this show indeed stand out from the rest because of these reasons:

The wacky and witty host

We all admire her for vivacity and impressive flair in hosting and acting. But we got to see another side of her when she published two self-help books about relationship and launched her very own blog. Now, she’s about to tickle our minds and ribs with her funny antics and remarks while she gives pieces of advice about love.

Relevant topics

Whatever love dilemma you are encountering right now, Alex got your back. She has solutions that could really help you regarding heartbreak and dating and determine if what you feel is just infatuation or it’s already love. Millenial or not, you’ll surely find yourself nodding and agreeing to whatever she says!

True-to-life advices

On the first episode, the host-actress warned the viewers to be absolutely open-minded since her opinions and pointers are mostly based on what she has experienced, thus it’s inevitable for her to drop statements that could possibly offend others. Who doesn’t want to hear credible counselling from someone who has been through various relationships?

More vivid illustrations

What makes these shorts unique and a lot more interesting is it incorporates clips from classic ABS-CBN programs and Star Cinema movies that relates to the situation or topic of the day. This would also be trip down memory lane as we also get to reminisce all the series and films we devotedly watched in the past.

A theme song for you!

Aside from showing relatable videos, Alex also presents an OPM song performed by Kapamilya artists in every episode that would really tug your heartstrings as it might be the current sense track of your romantic life.

Troubled with love? Watch Dear Alex on ABS-CBN Originals page and who know you might get get the answer you’ve been searching for!