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Get to know the kilig ambassadors more through Hashtags Uncovered


Get to know the kilig ambassadors more through Hashtags Uncovered 1


Just in time for the Valentine’s Day celebration last year, eight handsome and talented guys from all walks of life were introduced in It’s Showtime as the second batch of the all-male dance group Hashtags.


Comprised by Maru Delgado, Rayt Carreon, Vitto Marquez, Wilbert Ross, CK Kieron, Kid Yambao, Franco Hernandez, and Bugoy Cariño, these new set of kilig ambassadors surely made our noontime viewing habit more exciting for their appearances and performances never fail to gain shrieks and hearts, especially from the female (and girls at heart) spectators.


Bet you’re still pining to know more about these dashing dudes, thus, we’re bringing you Hashtags Uncovered, an ABS-CBN Originals show which gives us a peek into their lives and flair in dancing. But aside from simply beholding their good looks, what makes this an interesting watch?


Their life hashtags


Our initial knowledge of “hashtag” is it’s a word, unspaced phrase, or combination of alphanumeric characters preceded by the number or pound sign (#), which usually describes message, photo, or video in social media.

Sticking to their name, the members of course gave the official hashtags of their lives which can best define what they feel or experience. 


Their ideal girl


Brace yourselves, girls, because maybe you’re the one these amazing lads have been dreaming of all this time! Are you low maintenance, adventure-junkie, and a ray of sunshine? Well, these are the unanimous characteristics you have to tick off from Hashtags’ criteria for their ladylove.


Their success stories


Being a part of one of the most popular local groups is not an overnight job. It took them strings of auditions, trainings, and exposures and required them to shed off blood, effort, sweat, and tears in order to get in their current position. The slew of snide remarks, discouragements, and even belittlements they endured make them the guys we idolize today.


Their hidden personalities


Beneath their irresistible charm and cool outfits hides their real and diverse personalities which they are able to unravel in the episode they headline. Each shorts depict a particular theme that relates to a certain member. 


The dance tutorials and videos


It is through showcasing their dancing prowess and teaching easy-to-learn dance steps that the Hashtags reintroduce themselves and engage to their fans. Then, these steps would be incorporated to the dance video of some upbeat OPM songs they conceptualized. So shake off those calories away by bopping along with Hashtags!