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10 reasons you’ll enjoy binge-watching Squad Goals

Living nowadays is absolutely complicated. It's not only the adults who whine about the intricacy and toughness of life, but the teenagers as well, who have to juggle school activities and homeworks with chores.

Fortunately, there's a new gang in town who could greatly help us in facing basic real-life dilemmas the fun and hassle-free way through the online show Squad Goals.

Let us enumerate the reasons why you should binge-watch this sensational show.

1. Squad Goals is a hit since most of us are suckers for DIY projects and life hacks. Who wouldn't want to have a practical and easy life, anyway?

2. What makes the show a lot more awesome are the hosts. Teen sensations and Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 alumni Marco Gallo, Edward Barber, Kisses Delavin, and Big Winner Maymay Entrata take turns in hosting the series that tackle fun DIY hacks that teens and adults can do to make life more fun.

3. From their adorable appearances on various media platforms, the hyper foursome are able to expose their naughtier and crafty sides here as they are the ones who personally do the projects.

4. Do you have a closet filled with clothes but still troubled on what to wear? Ace the OOTD game by upcycling and maybe trying the beauty hacks courtesy of Kisses!

5. Summer is just around the corner! Just in case you and your family or friends will hop on escapades, the cool crew is here to give you some travel and survival tips!

6. On the other hand, if you're only having a staycation this forthcoming lengthy break, you may opt to give your room a revamp by this simple guide from Maymay, Edward, and Marco.

7. You may also get prepared for school and try minimizing the cost of supplies you have to buy by doing these back-to-school projects.

8. Yearning to kick-off your "balik-alindog" or fitness program, yet you don't have time or enough budget to hit the gym? You may try these exercises right at the comforts of your home.


9. Apart from indulging on our well-deserved break, summer is also a time for celebrations! Let these talented teens ease your preparation blues!

10. Since most of us are glued to our gadgets, especially our mobile phones, Kisses provides a few hacks which we can really utilize as we binge-watch our favorite series and movies and browse the internet.

Apart from teaching us ways on how to be practical, resourceful, and productive, Squad Goals also reminds us to enjoy our youth and remain optimistic amidst the struggles that come our way.