Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil look back on memorable scenes in Dolce Amore

Fans of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil have been patiently waiting for the loveteam’s television comeback after Make It With You. The good news is they are back via rerun of Dolce Amore on Kapamilya Channel’s afternoon block. It may be just a throwback but Liza and Enrique are happy that their supporters have something to look forward to.

Originally aired in 2016, the series revolved around the kismet-ushered love story of Italian bella Serena Marchesa (Liza) and the poor but cute and hardworking boy from Manila, Tenten (Enrique). Serena was adopted and raised in Italy but her heart beats for the Philippines, fascinated by the stories of her Filipina nanny and her pen pal, who she would later on know as Tenten. When forced to marry a man she doesn’t love, Serena ran to the Philippines and embarked on a journey towards finding her true self and destiny.

Liza and Enrique hope this would somehow relieve their fans’ wish to see them back on TV. They said they can’t commit to a lock-in taping yet. “Gusto lang talaga namin makita kami sa TV kasi right now we can’t really commit to taping, of course, with the rise in COVID cases.   Ngayon, humihina na pero nandoon pa rin ‘yung takot sa aming dalawa but we don’t want our supporters to wait that long,” explained Liza.

They also hope this would help people feel better even for just a few minutes a day. LizQuen believes in the uplifting power of entertainment because they also experienced beating the boredom by binge-watching their favorite series.

The couple had fun looking back on their favorite scenes in the series. Enrique loved the musical moments such as when Tenten played the guitar for Serena. For Liza, it’s the scene wherein Gian Carlo (Mateo Guidicelli) proposed to Serena on a bridge in Venice. They shot the scene without an elaborate camera setup, that’s why the locals thought it was a real proposal so they cheered on the couple and even congratulated them afterward. The onlookers’ real reaction added more ‘feels’ to the scene. It got more ‘kilig’ and genuine, more so a lot heartbreaking for Tenten.

Another memorable scene is from the finale wherein Liza and Enrique’s characters had to drive a scooter along a highway in Italy. None of the production team knew that scooters are not allowed in the area. Liza and Enrique, both adrenaline junkies, loved the thrill of it. But they had to stop immediately to avoid getting caught.

Asked a message for their characters, Enrique would like to congratulate Tenten for just making it. Liza would tell Serena that she’s proud of her for still learning to live life with contentment and happiness despite the trials.

Catch Dolce Amore, Monday-Friday, after It’s Showtime on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.