Kapamilya React: LizQuen recalls happy days as Serena and Tenten in Dolce Amore

We know you dearly miss Tenten and Serena and their kismet-kissed love story that crossed continents. Fret not because apart from the Dolce Amore rerun on Kapamilya channels, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil are giving us a bonus treat by sharing behind-the-scene stories from the beloved teleserye via this edition Kapamilya React. It’s time to quench your kilig-deprived hearts!

The first scene shows Tenten (Enrique) taking a bath in a makeshift shower. His brother Binggoy (Kean Cipriano) started teasing him when Serena (Liza) appeared out of nowhere. Her presence sent Tenten into a panic mode and he started babbling in his adorable lisp.

It looked so fun LizQuen was all-smiles re-watching the snippet. They said Dolce Amore was extra memorable because of the co-stars and everyone they easily got along with. Enrique has special memories with his Ibarra fam – Taps (Rio Locsin), Dodoy (Edgar Mortiz), and Binggoy, and his friends the fondly call ‘Tatlong Itlog.’

“Iba kasi ‘yung tandem namin, eh. It was so raw, so natural. Behind the scenes barkada na tapos pagpunta doon parang nasa tent lang kami and you just put us there,” Enrique said of his chemistry with the Ibarras and his buddies.  It was so pure that they all felt like local dwellers of Tondo, where they filmed most scenes.

Learning a new language and filming abroad were also a whole new experience for Liza and Enrique. She had to speak in Italian while he needed to make his lisp appear natural.

For Liza, it helped that her co-actors Cherie Gil, Matteo Guidicelli, and Ruben Soriquez are fluent in Italian. She also had to take Italian classes for her role. It got easier when they started filming in Italy because all she would do was listen to conversations of people around her, “It was easier for me to mimic their accent because I was with Italians every day. I would just listen to how they talk, especially when I talk to Ruben. It really helped that he was there, even Matteo and Tita Cherie are fluent, and I picked up the accent from them.”

Enrique would also try to live with his ‘bulol’ accent off-cam. “I would try to incorporate it when I talk normally para ‘pag nasa set na, hindi na ako nangangapa. I really practice speaking to my castmates.”

On a scene wherein Gian Carlo (Matteo) proposed to Serena on a bridge in Italy, LizQuen revealed that the locals thought it was a real-life proposal since they had no elaborate camera setup. “It made the scene even better because everybody was clapping their hands celebrating, so we really didn’t have to get talents, they were real people and tourists,” shared Enrique. 

Asked the most memorable thing about Italy, Enrique praised its breathtaking architecture, “Everywhere you look, it’s so old, beautiful and ancient.” Liza cites the beauty of the mansion they used in Bologna, “If I get my own house, I want it to be not similar but inspired by that.” She also recalled the scenes wherein she had to go on road trips around Italy.

Dolce Amore is truly one for the books, and it taught LizQuen a lot of acting pointers they make use of today, one of which is versatility. Liza related, “There were many complex emotions, stages that Serena had to go through. I feel like she started on the show so young, so naïve and innocent. Then, towards the end of the show, she almost got married twice.”

Dolce Amore, being a mix of romance, comedy, and drama, was a big art of Liza and Enrique’s growth as actors. But when asked to take their choice of genre, Enrique went for rom-com while Liza believes she does drama better than comedy, although she loves watching funny shows.  

“Nahihirapan talaga ako sa comedy. I am really not that funny. It’s hard also to do dramatic scenes, it’s very draining din. Pero I can feel like I can do better at drama,” admitted the gorgeous Kapamilya.

Check out this video and take a sweet trip down memory lane with LizQuen!

Dolce Amore, first aired in 2016, tells the story of Italian bella Serena, whose journey to finding her true self reunites her with his childhood penpal Tenten.