Ang Suso Covers by Dolce Amore Fans

During their trip to Bohol in Central Visayas, Italian Serena "Sese" Marchesa (Liza Soberano) made it her mission to correct the speech problem of childhood penpal Simon "Tenten" Vicente Ibarra. The Tondo boy grew up with no capability to pronounce the S sound in words, thus the T in his nickname. Sese even made it clear that she's not coming back to Italy until Tenten's able to overcome his defect, which the Italian princess believes is a psychological problem instead of a physiological one. To practice Tenten's tongue, she made him repeat again and again a poem with lots of S, "Ang Suso." The limerick was proven to be effective, especially when Tenten sang it with the accompaniment of his guitar and eventually pronounced the letter S.


Ang Suso
Ang sabi ng iba masarap daw ang suso
Ang sabi ko naman, kumporme sa suso
May suso-susoan, may tunay na suso
Ang gusto kong suso ay galing sa puso mo

The song immediately went viral and was a major LSS for Dolce Amore viewers. In fact, a lot of people made their own cover of "Ang Suso" and posted in on their social media accounts. Here are some of them:

1) deMalufet TV

This guy performed the whole song complete with strumming of his guitar.

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