REVIEW: Sweet love, forgiveness triumph in Dolce Amore finale

Indeed, it was sweet love that triumphed.

And, after all the crimes, tragedies, and skirmishes that took place, amid its gripping plot, Dolce Amore ended with unconditional love and the road to forgiveness prevailing.

REVIEW Sweet love forgiveness triumph in Dolce Amore finale 1

Kind-hearted Tenten (Enrique Gil) was really back and accorded what was supposed to be the unthinkable, giving Luciana (Cherie Gil) a chance at redemption after that insidious attempt at taking his life but had his beloved adoptive brother Binggoy (Kean Cipriano) become the tragic victim.

REVIEW Sweet love forgiveness triumph in Dolce Amore finale 2

Best of all, Serena (Liza Soberano) and Simon, Tenten’s prominent alter-ego, finally share wedding vows, after all those issues and loose ends settled in that weeklong dash towards Friday’s finale.

And one thing was really touching, that Luciana herself witnessed the rites—given that her being behind Binggoy’s death was an overriding fact Simon had purposely disregarded, given that she is very much connected to both his and Serena’s lives as a biological and adoptive mother.

While this scene was certainly jaw-dropping, especially seeing astounding and stunning Serena walking down the aisle, their kiss, and an unexpected appearance of a dapper celebrant priest (Ian Veneracion), it reminds us of other wedding finale scenes of previous teleseryes. Definitive differentiating elements weren’t evident and some found it a bit dragging, wordy and cumbersome. But still, audiences were enamored and amazed by the visual “feast.”

The road towards this sweet end was apparently a rocky climb, after Simon had realized and discovered Luciana’ culpability. But the true gem in this journey was that Serena was always there to guide and comfort Simon through this maze and finally get a grip on those painful realities as they emerge bit by bit.

While the storytelling might have been rushed and the writers could have cut corners just to meet the tight deadlines, much less burdening the editors to come up with a smooth episodic flow, Dolce Amore is surely one compelling story we enjoyed from start to finish. It really made us appreciate perplexing attributes of people, whether they are someone really close to you or adversaries wanting you dead. It doesn’t approach a character in a simple, black vs white, monotonous way but rather delve deeper and discover skeletons in the closet as they subsist in this world.

And, in the end, everyone finds the heart, that “dolce amore” to find forgiveness instead of retribution in attaining a happy, fulfilled, and harmonious life.

Words are overflowing in praise for Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil’s thespic run in these gripping last few days. Quen is emerging as an outstanding actor, essaying a character faced with so many grueling truths at so short a time. Liza has become an enchanting actress exceptionally personifying the admirable, smart, level-headed, and loving Serena, who really was the key in putting calm into the storm.

Above all, Cherie Gil is true to form as the country’s esteemed actress of note, as she rivets with one complex Luciana, the gripping figure affecting our protagonists lives.

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