5 Major Turning Points in ‘Dolce Amore’ Part 2

4. The wedding of Tenten and Serena

Tenten and Serena finally decided to get married. However, Serena received several threats and blackmails from Gian Carlo who was obsessively in love with her. In order to save the life of her one great love, Serena decided to just run away from the wedding, which immensely hurt Tenten’s feelings.

5. The reunion of Tenten and Serena

A year after their intended wedding, Tenten and Serena finally met again, but this time, circumstances have changed. The parents of Tenten, Dodoy (Edgar Mortiz) and Taps (Rio Locsin) also arranged some plans in order for the two to meet again. They visited the farm of Roberto (Ruben Maria Soriquez) and the former lovers finally had the chance to talk about certain matters again.

What major turning point will happen in the lives of Tenten and Serena tonight?

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