5 Major Turning Points in ‘Dolce Amore’

The love story of Tenten Ibarra (Enrique Gil) and Serena Marchesa (Liza Soberano) will finally end tonight in The Most Beautiful Finale of “Dolce Amore”. Before we officially bid farewell to one of the most romantic teleseryes of 2016, let us list down 5 of the major turning points in the top-rating primetime series.

1. The first meeting of Tenten and Gian Carlo

When Tenten was already starting to have feelings for Serena, he was ready to admit it to her. Everything changed when Serena introduced her best friend from Italy Gian Carlo De Luca (Matteo Guidicelli), which made Tenten feel small and very insecure about himself.

2. The memory loss of Serena

Due to emotional trauma, Serena lost all of her memories. She went back to Italy with no memory and couldn’t even recognize her father. When she went back to the Philippines, she met Tenten again who was the boyfriend of her biological sister Angel (Sue Ramirez). However, because of her amnesia, she no longer remembered the man from her past.

3. The death of Binggoy

When things between Tenten and Serena were starting to get back to normal, they faced another major challenge in their relationship. Tenten’s brother Binggoy (Kean Cipriano) died in an accident and Luciana (Cherie Gil), Serena’s mother, was blamed for his death, which greatly affected the relationship of the two.

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