Journey to Letter S: 5 Cutest Moments of Tenten in Dolce Amore

Simon Vicente Ibarra (Enrique Gil) and Serena Marchesa (Liza Soberano) are at the heart of Dolce Amore's story. True to a langit-at-lupa teleserye trope, Serena or "Sese" is an adopted daughter of a rich and prominent Italian family while Simon or "Tenten" is an orphan who suffered a medical condition at a young age and grew up with a family who's struggling to make ends meet. To add to Tenten's seeming imperfection is her inability to pronounce the letter S properly, thus her nickname with a T in spite of the sound of S on his name Vicente.

Despite their difference, Sese and Tenten found respite in each other's friendship through their exchange of letters from Italy to Philippines and vice versa during childhood. Young Serena sent a box full of old clothes and toys to an orphanange in Manila and young Simon took hold of the Italian's soccer shoes. Since then, they wrote letters and developed a bond across seas. Fast forward to adulthood, the two were able to come face-to-face when Serena flew to the Philippines in a mission to save her family's dying business.

Here are Tenten's funniest and cutest moments as he got to know more of his childhood penpal:

1) Tenten Brings Sese to Divisoria

When Serena hired Tenten as her personal driver, the two had no idea that they already met earlier in the same lifetime. She asked the latter to accompany her in looking for a dress she could wear to Mosman's party. Where did Tenten take her? Far from the chic boutiques and high-profile designers, of course! The Tondo boy brought the Italian princess to the trusty Divisoria, Manila's popular and one-stop-shop for everything and anything cheap but comparable to department store items.

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