The Married Couples of ‘Dolce Amore’ Part 2

3. Cardo (Rommel Padilla) and Melds (Frenchie Dy)

Nanay Melds was the Filipino nanny of Serena in Italy when she was still a young girl. However, Luciana fired her and so she had to return to her hometown. When Serena grew up, she decided to look for her and she flew to the Philippines. With the help of Tenten, she went to Bohol where she was finally reunited with her Nanay Melds. At that time, she also met her childhood nanny’s husband Tatay Cardo.

Even though they were miles apart when she was working abroad, their love for each never changed. He was there for her when she needed someone to come home to. Their marriage has shown that love is being there in both good and bad times. They have also shown that their marriage lasted because aside from they are a happy couple, they are also good friends.

4. Roberto (Ruben Maria Soriquez) and Luciana (Cherie Gil)

Roberto and Luciana Marchesa are the adoptive parents of Serena. Roberto longed to have a child but it was impossible because of his barren wife and so, he decided to adopt Serena. At first, Luciana was against the adoption because her husband decided on it without her consent.

Even though they went through a lot of problems in the past that even caused their separation, they have shown that love forgives. They proved that marriage life is not easy and it will have many bumps along the way that is why it is important to always forgive and understand each other, no matter what happens.

Will Tenten and Serena’s love story end with a happy marriage like these married couples?

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